Will I get a Victorious Skin or not?

Gonna rant a bit... So... currently Gold V. Play support mostly - haven't been able to play ranked because I got a red shield and I don't want to derank. My last 10 matches were filled with trolls - and that's an understatement. Ex: Trist mid, got ganked, got angry - sold all items and replaced them with 5 stop watches etc etc. Not the worst example but easiest to explain. Anyway - I was Honor Lv 5 VERY VERY early in the season- earlier than May. Because honestly - I'm generally a NICE Person - even when I'm not. But even nice people get angry. Anyway so I had one match with a ****** ***** **** adc... and for once I decided to say what I really thought. Yes I was a bit toxic. So basically the entire team reported us both (and we reported each other). Got a 10 game chat ban and my honor went from lv 5 to 1- LATE in the season. Now - in my opinion that was very harsh. I mean how do you go from ZERO warnings - I mean NOT A SINGLE warning from RIOT (I'm not saying I may have not been reported before - I'm sure that's happened)... just no warning what-so-ever from Riot saying you were ever reported and full lv 1 honor??? I mean this company clearly doesn't realize how hard it is as a support to reach lv 5 honor (since if we do good it's the adc and if the adc does bad it's our fault). Eitherway - lv 1 honor with 2 check points @Gold V... will I get a victorious skin at this point? Do I have to push my honor level higher...
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