Is it toxic to quote a champion?

Now quite honestly one of my favorite things to do in League is play Annie botlane and quite literally type a single quote in all chat the moment I get a kill after 6 "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" and without fail almost every single time I get a verbal response from the enemy ADC almost each time. And from that point onwards that will pretty much what I dedicate my game to. Getting a kill (or sometimes not even that) and quoting one of Annie's few but memorable lines. - Get a kill with tibbers drop "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" - Tibbers gets a kill after I die "Bear hug!" - If someone is verbally toxic towards me "You're not invited to Tibber's tea party". - Enemy starts to call me bad after getting killed "beaten by a little girl, HA!" I have never seen people get tilted as fast as when I just play a game while quoiting Annie and honestly it kinda surprises me how well this works every time. So is it toxic that I do this? Well, yeah. My real question here is why does this specifically just trigger people to get titled so quickly? If you have any expertise in the matter, how this could be so frustrating that it almost always warrens a verbal response, please share it with me. I really wanna know the mindset people get into when facing a person like me.
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