Punishing Trolls In Ranked Games

I'll be honest, Riot does a lot of good things in League but they have no control over their community. I have a suggestion that will hopefully mitigate this. Say someone is playing ranked and they get a player on their team that leaves the game because they simply deem it not worth playing anymore, or they have an atrocious internet connection. The rest of us have to suffer lp loss simply because one player gave up or wanted to troll or hasn't taken he responsibility to fix their internet connection before playing the game. In instances like this instead of everyone else on that team loosing LP, that person who left on purpose or neglected to fix their internet connection or trolled/gave up etc. should lose all the points that their team would have lost plus their own as a consequence of making their decision. On the second offense they should get banned and put into an elo of their own should they find a way to come back and play. This would create a small community of trolls left only to spread their cancer to each other. This community would ideally be soo small that que times would be the worst they would ever have seen, due to people not being on very often. Essentially a timeout elo hell for trolls. I feel like this would get people not to troll soo much because the consequences are heavy. They either have to deal with the bad wait times, not play the game at all, or start a new account and start over which is a big pain. Lemme know your thoughts on this so we can forge as close to a fool proof system that weeds out the trolls from our elo hell.
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