why even bother queueing up?

I ran into a player in a normal blind pick game where nobody had smite because of miscommunication. So because of that, this player basically gave up said yoooooo fuck this and trolled the whole game. This player literally afk under tower for several seconds and if anyone said anything or pinged then the mf would say "well". Midway through the game the mf decides to int because team was asking her while she was trolling so she decided to int to lash out. I don't get why people with such a weak mental state even bother playing league. League is such a stressful game and when weak minded people like this play, they just ruin the experience. I hope that my post opens the eyes of all the negative people to just not bother queueing up. I know it won't, but i hope it makes people realize they shouldnt play if they are just gonna be ragey 5 year old mentality. play bots... that way you won't get so mad and give up.
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