Update the Tribunal System or Give Leniency

Hello there! My name is Abi and I have been playing League of Legends for a little over 8 years now. I'm sure we can all agree that League of Legends is amazing. And yes, the games can be extremely toxic. But, what isn't toxic nowadays? I came back to League around 6 months ago. League of Legends has always been one of my favorite games. I have spent hundreds of dollars (Probably around $500USD) and a lottttttt of time playing League. I mean, I have almost 6000 games played total (this includes ARAM, TTL, TFT, Coop vs AI). I had came back to League like everyone else does, the other games I play get boring :P. I casually play World of Warcraft as well. World of Warcraft isn't nearly as toxic as League of Legends, but it gets there sometimes. There's a big difference when it comes to WoW's justice system and League's justice system. Some words are okay on WoW, while on League they are not. Apparently if you play Call of Duty or Counter Strike, you can do all the flaming you want in voice chat, no ban or nothing. So, coming back to League after playing WoW for so long, you kind of get adjusted. I got banned for 14 days for saying a naughty word, and it wasn't even meant to come off the way that it did, it was simply a joke. League didn't care though. I used a bad word. Now comes to November 1, 2019. I had a really bad game. I was playing Zoe, because I accidentally fat fingered her, as I have never played her before. And right after I lock in, I am already getting flamed in Champion Select. This continues on into the game.... and things are getting heated. Bot lane is blaming mid (me) and jungle for not helping the invade, which really.. what could we have done? So as the game goes on, I get realllyyyy upset. I say some really bad things that I wouldn't normally say, but this bot lane triggered me so bad. And yes, I do realize there is no excuse for this. Bullying is not allowed and it is not okay. Of course, I know I am going to get reported by them, and you bet your butt I reported them, too. Right as I am entering another game, I got hit with the ban hammer. I got perma-banned. I never thought this day would actually come for me. I'm upset. I don't want to play the game ever again. And if I did, wouldn't I just make another account? Now this is where things don't make sense to me. Riot bans me, so I make a new account? Wouldn't I just be even more toxic? Does Riot REALLY think I'm going to spend any more of my money on the game, knowing that they don't give a frick about how I feel? And the Support people (no shade I know it's your job) act like they have never been toxic before or said anything bad towards someone. Yes, people mess up!! Should we blame them forever?! No, I don't think we should. Riot could give me a whole life chat-ban and I would not mind. But why take all my money for granted? It's like a slap in the face. There's plenty of other companies that respect my time and my the money I've invested in. I have played the game for over 8 years and I have messed up twice. Why can't Riot give me another chance? Why can't Riot just chat-ban instead?
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