Soft inting and alternate accounts seriously need to be addressed

Case in point, the well known Alistar player who only builds movement speed and intentionally feeds, but still acts like he's trying, in every single game. He has multiple permanently banned accounts, and multiple unbanned accounts. I've had the misfortune of playing with him on two of his accounts today. Everyone in both games reported him for intentional feeding, and there are literally threads on Reddit where he is called out for it, but he's still somehow managed to behave this way in over 200 games this season. I would be extremely surprised if he doesn't have at least one report for intentional feeding in 90% of his 200 games. All of these accounts should have been permanently banned long ago, and it's absurd that he can evade a ban and continue inting in hundreds of games. What the fuck is going on here? EDIT: Just got this bullshit again, and this is the first thing they say when they join the lobby:[][]
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