Sick of being banned over weak minded people getting upset. Done playing this game forever

Game 1 In-Game SoundTempest: sup SoundTempest: it literally translates to eat butthole SoundTempest: no SoundTempest: is a hotdog a sandwich? SoundTempest: i wanna suck a dick because i have a fetish where the idea of ejaculation makes me harder but id never fuck a dude SoundTempest: ur fault SoundTempest: gj liux SoundTempest: tbh we shoulda seen that coming lux shaco always ganks lvl 2 SoundTempest: do we have a jungler? SoundTempest: hey udyr SoundTempest: you will lose this game because you neglect bbotlane SoundTempest: i promise SoundTempest: gg thanks for the loss udyr SoundTempest: im tellin you late game this is over bdecause now shaco is fed and jinx isnt far behind SoundTempest: wanna bet>? SoundTempest: kk SoundTempest: gg SoundTempest: fed SoundTempest: told u SoundTempest: the shrooms lol SoundTempest: uve got good positioning with them SoundTempest: ur fault SoundTempest: told you wed lose SoundTempest: noob with no macro game skill SoundTempest: oh wow look what happens when twitch says we are gonna lose macro game because udyr sucks ass SoundTempest: might jsut int now cause ur all toxic SoundTempest: LUL SoundTempest: after he refused to gank bot? SoundTempest: why am i behimnd? SoundTempest: three gankss from enemy jg SoundTempest: and you wonder why m behind SoundTempest: asshole LOL SoundTempest: gank bbotlane next fgame udyr youll prolly win SoundTempest: as you can see, please report him SoundTempest: ty blame the jg SoundTempest: i didnt SoundTempest: he did SoundTempest: read chat logs SoundTempest: reported udyr SoundTempest: and kat cause duo SoundTempest: i wonder how i was abble to predicgt this would hapen SoundTempest: literally called it at 15 mins LOL SoundTempest: ^^^ SoundTempest: gg Post-Game SoundTempest: have fun with the bans folks
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