Chat restricted for this? Is this a joke?

Game 1 Pre-Game [redacted]: please play singed [redacted]: no reason in particular [redacted]: gas... In-Game [redacted]: just wondering when our xin is ready to participate in the game [redacted]: 8 ganks from nunu to 0 from xin [redacted]: actually making yasuo become relevant because of the uselessness [redacted]: get a life [TO ENEMY] [redacted]: there are other lanes [TO ENEMY] [redacted]: XIN [redacted]: DO SOMETHING [redacted]: xin [redacted]: uninstall the game [redacted]: if you're going to play jg like this [redacted]: xin [redacted]: do [redacted]: something [redacted]: xin [redacted]: are you ready [redacted]: to play th egame [redacted]: 12 kp to 2 [redacted]: 3 [redacted]: 12 to 3 [redacted]: you have no cs to make up for that [redacted]: Can we get a report on toxic xin ty [redacted]: ty [redacted]: they duo [redacted]: he just purposely hit the blast plant [redacted]: to knock mei nto you guys [redacted]: to get me killed [redacted]: you saw that [redacted]: if that didnt give it away idk what does [redacted]: yeah int [redacted]: please report inting and toxic xin [redacted]: purposely hits blast cone to try to get me killed and just runs in 1vs5 [redacted]: ggwp [redacted]: better jg wins [redacted]: of course [redacted]: all u gotta do is match nunu mid [redacted]: and we win [redacted]: but u wana do nothing [redacted]: as tier 1 jg [redacted]: 8 kp to 24 [redacted]: level 13 to 15 [redacted]: as tier 1 jg [redacted]: dude u literally just needed to match nunu once mid [redacted]: early [redacted]: and we win [redacted]: i 2v1 them once [redacted]: but the 1vs3 i couldn't handle [redacted]: u did nothing lol [redacted]: u were sitting at wolves for a minute early gmae [redacted]: can we end this already [redacted]: like why vote no? lol [redacted]: do u think ur punishing us or something [redacted]: ur just wasting ur time and everyone else's [redacted]: cant win with thnis bot lane [redacted]: and jg [redacted]: ggwp [redacted]: be sure to remember to report the toxic xin [redacted]: and duo vayne Yeah, it was a bit passive aggressive but if this is punishable you might as well just remove the ability to type in the game, honestly. I didn't use any profanity, I didn't call anyone a manbaby, I didn't tell anyone to fuck off and sea lion somewhere else. Just a bit passive aggressive to a person who was actively trolling and flaming.
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