"I'm not playing bottom anymore because of you"

So basically he, the Heimerdinger calls the bottom lane (and automatically, in League of Legends logic, means that anyone else is not allowed to step one foot in his turf all game) and our Lux did too. So I figured, I'll join too as a backup Assault or Support as Udyr! He eventually crowned himself too worthy to play there, and decides to leave. Why? Because he "didn't like me." I outlined that in the corporate world, you can't always choose the groups you want to work with like in school projects. He thought he could abandon his post at the Lower City because "he didn't like me", even though I was minding my own business.... Then at 5 to 7 score, one girl Irelia on our team chose to go AFK. That's also against the rules of the game. Then he and Lux kept verbally harassing me, and he (Heimerdinger) decided to keep feeding the enemy team on purpose. Not just me saying it, our Lee Sin agreed too! We all reported. Anyone else know this pain? What is WITH the kids these days? You can't just quit the team and abandon the tower because of someone you don't like. Then he throws the sympathy card of "I'm new to the game", which is funny because when I was new in 2009 to this game, I treated EVERYONE like GOLD. I never told anyone how to play.
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