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Player Support Ask us anything. Chat started NiccoiceTICKET #36308756 I was informed by Cammy White: I actually wanna take this up for review and convert this to a ticket for you and get you a response there. Hope you get that I wanna make sure that this was applied correctly and not wanting to be hasty on this However there has been no update on my ticket which is absurd. I have waited longer than the provided time frame or 1-2 days. Player Support BotHey! We’re getting a ton of new chats right now. It may take upwards of 30 minutes to get to your chat, but if you sit tight we’ll help you out as soon as we can. If you are writing in about a Permanent Suspension, please submit a ticket instead since we are unable to discuss these penalties in Chat. Kaitlyn Trapkween joined the chat Kaitlyn Trapkweenhey there Niccoicehi Kaitlyn Trapkweenheyyy you said you had a ticket and no one hs talked to you? looks like you and i taked a few days ago Niccoicecorrect.. ive been neglected :( Kaitlyn Trapkweenthe weird thing is i dont see the ticket now NiccoiceTICKET #36308756 Kaitlyn Trapkweenok you waited long enoguh ill review it here NiccoiceThank You! :D Kaitlyn Trapkweengive me a few minutes NiccoiceOk TY Kaitlyn <3 Kaitlyn Trapkweenok so first thing i see is that you JUST HAD CHAT RESTRICTIONS NiccoiceBut i finished them :( Kaitlyn TrapkweenWOAH sorry for caps :S Niccoicelol np Kaitlyn Trapkweenso the thing is though the penalty system is escalating so even if you weren't super bd you got the two week cause you just had the other penalties NiccoiceOk but i finished them, its not like i was in the middle of the other penalties and then got banned :( Kaitlyn Trapkweeni konmw know but its an escalating path 10 game chat rest > 25 game chat reset > 2 week > perma since you already got the other penalties you got more Niccoicewhoah i didnt know thats how it goes Kaitlyn Trapkween you can read about it there so even though your chats might have not been terrible but its because you already had penalties NiccoiceOk but why arent those penalties listed then? When I log in, it only shows 1 chat log Your chat logs: Game 1 thats all not Game 1, 2 and 3 Kaitlyn Trapkweenit only shows the current penalty NiccoiceOk is it unbannable what I have done? Kaitlyn Trapkweensadly, it is not NiccoiceAre you able to delete accounts? Kaitlyn Trapkweenyou can NiccoiceIm sorry but I dont agree with this punishment system Kaitlyn Trapkweenthen you lose the name forever i understand NiccoiceNo other game I have ever played works like this Kaitlyn Trapkweenbut it is how we have it NiccoiceIts as if a child put it together Sad :/ alright im gonna go delete my account, if I wait the 14 days then i'm just showing that i agree with this system put into place Who created this banning system? Brandon Beck? Kaitlyn Trapkweeni dont know if you want to dlete the account you' 'll need to make a ticket for the accounts team they're not available right now wince live chat is over NiccoiceIs there a satisfaction forum or a review i can fill out for this Kaitlyn Trapkweenyes you'll get an email NiccoiceOk please inform your supervisor that I do not agree with the banning system please ok? Kaitlyn Trapkweenim sorry but we dont handle feedback here :S you can post on the boards though if you'd like NiccoiceIf i request your supervisor can they review this ticket in a more escalated fasion? Kaitlyn Trapkweenthere is no supervisor me and my team make up the Player Support team. No one above us handles tickets or chats, because we're perfectly equipped to do so. There is no one higher to appeal to : / Niccoicelol this company is unbelieveable. If there is no one above you, that means you can do what you wish so you are not capable of unbanning my account? Kaitlyn Trapkweeni am capable of doing it, but I won't because as I discussed, the ban was valid even though you disagree NiccoiceWhat makes your opinion more valid than mine? Kaitlyn Trapkweenwith all do respect, i work here and understand the policies. even though you don't agree, it is still how the system works. i know its hard to get a penalty you don't feel is warrented but there was negativity on the account many times. NiccoiceBased on what policy and text do you not agree with my Game 1 Chat? Kaitlyn Trapkweenthere was negativity in the chat NiccoiceOk that wasn't my question, sorry. Let me try to rephrase the question for you. Based on the understood policies that you know, which part of my negativity in the chat broke those policies? Kaitlyn Trapkweenthis is the thing ill give you examples but this won't be a debate im going to state the pieces and why they're negative NiccoiceAlright Kaitlyn TrapkweenNiccoice: where is my jungler Niccoice: stupid Niccoice: u gank when u shouldnt man Niccoice: what are you doing dude Niccoice: im done Niccoice: gl Niccoice: reported Niccoice: calling other players is negative Niccoice: what are you doing? Niccoice: u take my cs Niccoice: then leave Niccoice: every gank Niccoice: answer Niccoice: what are you doing? ^arguing. talking about reports, talking about negativity. this all keeps it in the game going on and on about it. - Niccoice: this is a team game Niccoice: you guys need to participate as a team ^not necessary, they know this. be more productive, call out objectives but also know that people dont always listen and you can only control wha tyou can control - Niccoice: why are you guys playing ranked Niccoice: if ur not gonna play Niccoice: im not toxic Niccoice: im speaking Niccoice: no swearing Niccoice: or anything Niccoice: review chat Niccoice: we cant teamfight anymore ^more arguing, this doesn't help win the game at all. you're filling chat with stuff that doesn't belong. i know it doesn't seem super bad... but this isn't using chat as intended NiccoiceYou stated earlier that this is not going to be a debate. So you are a judge of what I type in your perspective without hearing what the opposing party can explain what all that means? Correct? Why do people go to court? Why have a hearing? Why are there witnesses Why not just have 1 final judge who makes 1 call without hearing all sides of a story? Why? Because its not fair People play this game, therefore they use their time and energy to play it, it controls their lives Kaitlyn Trapkweenthey thing is, it is negative, there's no other explantion needed NiccoiceThe thing is, it was murder. There's no reason to have a hearing thats your thinking? How old are you katlyn? 24? 25? Kaitlyn Trapkweenthis is a video game, we have rules, here they were broken Niccoicenot everything is black and white This is more than a video game Kaitlyn Trapkweenmy age doesn't matter, dont need to make this personal at this point i told you it woudlnt' be a debate i gave examples and told you why unless there's something new, i'll need to close the live chat Niccoicepeople's lives revolve around video games, that is incorrect Your age does matter because you are immature in your thinking. You do not see things correctly, therefore you should not be judging my ticket Kaitlyn Trapkweenat this point ive gone over this NiccoiceYou are changing my life by not unbanning my account Kaitlyn Trapkweenthis isn't my thinking im here to provide context and information about policies ive done so if there's nothing new, ill be closing the chat live chat ended 45 minutes ago NiccoiceNo, you were here to provide judgement on my ban Kaitlyn Trapkweenyour account was already judged Niccoiceby a machine Kaitlyn Trapkweennot be me, but us as a whole im telling you why it was upheld the machine has been taught to detect negativity and it has done so im sorry but this is final i'll be closing the chat now NiccoiceWell maybe the machine needs to be re taught or shouldnt be teaching to begin with Kaitlyn Trapkweengood night NiccoiceI would like to have this appealed please. Kaitlyn Trapkween left the chat Rate This Chat Type your message here

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