Former toxic players who successfully reformed, how did you do it ?

Hey, So I've been playing for 6 or 7 months now, and I've noticed I've been more and more toxic over the time. So inevitably, two weeks ago or something I got a 10-games chat restriction. So I did the games, used "mute all" for a while and then, when I felt ready, I stopped muting chat at the beginning of the game because I actually enjoy it most of the time. But then I started being toxic again really quickly, and so a few days ago I got a 25-games chat restriction and got honor level 1. I've been disabling chat for an even longer period this time, but eventually I turned it on again because, again, I really like it most of the time. But the thing is this can't go on. I need to figure out a way to be less toxic. I've done the "tilt type" test, it said I was a Barbarian, which is probably true. Most of the time I just mind my own business, but when someone starts flaming me many times I just can't keep my shit together and I just flame back. I thought after my first chat restriction I could just talk back in a very mild manner, without using any bad language or whatever, but apparently I can't. So, the solution in theory is super simple : if someone shows a hint of toxicity, I just mute them, and if I feel like I'm tilted and on the verge of exploding, I just preemptively disable chat or, ideally, take a break. But in practice, I don't always realize I'm tilted before hand, and when someone flames me it can completely overrides any rational thought which "prevents" me from just muting them. And it's almost as if I only realize I've been toxic -after- the game, because during the game I'm acting purely on impulse. So, in other words, what I truly need would be a way to stop the "toxicity snowball", to... "reset" my mental during a game. I'm sure even taking a deep breath would help, but the toxicity takes control so quickly I feel like I can't even do that. Does anyone relate to what I said ? Does anyone has any solution that worked for them ? Any help would be appreciated ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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