10 game chat restricted with only one mild log???

Never had this happen before, received 10 game chat restriction and it only had one game listed and it was all very mild. Every previous time it has been 3 games. Can someone explain what happened here. Game 1 Cathanne: ummm Cathanne: the tower was hitting them Cathanne: you fk idot Cathanne: jesus Cathanne: ur jus really bad lol Cathanne: its wroth bro Cathanne: they miss farm i dont Cathanne: veigar u should become comedian Cathanne: ur making me laugh Cathanne: guess you know nothing of mundo jg Cathanne: im not even goin to explain Cathanne: to hardstuck silver lol Cathanne: lol Cathanne: why u ping drag Cathanne: u r support, u know nothing Cathanne: 40% winrate 1 kda jax is better jungler i guess Cathanne: adc first timing ez, mid running it down, support 20 iq Cathanne: XD Cathanne: 2 troII in a row Cathanne: thus Cathanne: first timing Cathanne: u really arent Cathanne: got first towered Cathanne: we already lose Cathanne: idc Cathanne: at least if you run it down, the enemy tries less Cathanne: we dont even lose Cathanne: if you quit being babe Cathanne: baby Cathanne: lol Cathanne: u got me bro Cathanne: teemo is doing very well Cathanne: we can def win Cathanne: i should stop playing mundo, he not good nwo Cathanne: almost! Cathanne: close one Cathanne: almost! Cathanne: i was sure that would work Cathanne: nope im good Cathanne: because no Cathanne: ofc Cathanne: ok kid Cathanne: is this whole team autofilled? Cathanne: support is and mid is too Cathanne: yes? Cathanne: no Cathanne: no sup? Cathanne: yeah i think we d be fine if not dor soraka Cathanne: HAHHAHAHA Cathanne: WHEN A YI AND NASUS 50 IQ MNKEY Cathanne: GETS AUTOFILLED Cathanne: hhaha Cathanne: yi players LOL Cathanne: he plays yi and nasus Cathanne: dont expect huim to be higher than 50 in iq dept Cathanne: bot, support both first timing, mid autofilled and troIIing Xd Cathanne: how did that q miss lol Cathanne: unlucky Cathanne: wasnt going to ff then i check bot lane stats and laughed for good 30 secs Cathanne: wish we had brand instead Cathanne: ye Cathanne: you are just completely oblivious to jungler lol Cathanne: you come to lane Cathanne: adn then just get chunked out by jax 5 secs after coming into lane Cathanne: yes it was Cathanne: but not because of that Cathanne: not a big deal Cathanne: i dont To be honest I remember I got punished for what was only one chat log (although I had prior punishments before that, and punishments can come quicker if they are directly after previous one), and if I remember correctly it had babe in it. I do believe that "babe" is some kind of sexual harassment trigger words like kys, neck yourself, etc. Even though it was typo, I am almost confident it was that. Not saying this chatlog is not toxic, HOWEVER, it was my ONLY chat offense on a clean, honor level 3 account. This has never happened to me to get punished for ONE game, so this chat log is very valuable for figuring out what could possibly trigger the system and what is just auto-punishments. Thanks you for help if you have any idea what could have triggered system.

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