Why Am I getting chat restricted???????

Game 1 Pre-Game Peytons: can i have mid please? Peytons: does that mean no In-Game Peytons: tryn why not just go top? Peytons: you really want to fight a kindred? Peytons: its draft pick game playing on like a level 20 account XD Peytons: kog top poggeres Peytons: whats he mad avbout? Peytons: what happened Peytons: ? Peytons: wait im confuised what made him mad? Peytons: sorry noct i woulda helped you Peytons: okay ou got them Peytons: can you play normal now? Peytons: not fair i dont have a jungle... Peytons: noct youre playing like a 7 year old tbh Peytons: you die once and you feed? Peytons: why are you even playing Peytons: just get off Peytons: no one is toxic Peytons: youre stupid lmfao Peytons: i think hes just an internet troll Peytons: he wont lose his virginity till 29 Peytons: sad guy Peytons: XD Peytons: 2 troll feeders in a row Peytons: you gujys want to open mid so we dont have to waste anymore time? Peytons: please? Peytons: k Peytons: im afk Peytons: im going to go afk because xayah wants to make this game longer and noct is trolling Peytons: 3 trolls in the same game 3 of my teamamates decided to run around the map running under towers and trolling and I GET BANNED? ARE YOU SERIOUS? This is the 3rd game in a row where someone decided to troll/afk/run it down on purpose and I get a chat ban for it??????? Put me back to honor 2 right now this is absolutely ridiculous.
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