Will this actually get me in trouble?

- Me and bot were picking at the same time (I'm supp) - We both had Senna hovered - I managed to get her first. So he picks Corki. Okay. No problem with that, I can dig a cool off-meta botlane pick. He doesn't leash... Okay. That's fine. I still help my JG the best I can and get to lane in time to get XP from the first 3 minions. I begin to poke and use my Q to poke the enemy the best I can. Corki just... Farms. That's all he does. He's farming and farming and farming. Okay fine, he's playing passive. That's cool. I can dig it. He proceeds to yell at me for "ruining his freeze and taking CS" when I... Have no CS at all. I'm auto attacking minions and using my Q to poke, sure, but I'm not taking CS. I have spellthief's after all so if I take CS I can't poke and earn gold from it. I get a really good stun off and go in to do some extra damage. Corki deliberately backs off and goes under his own tower while I proceed to 1v2... I end up getting out but I had to burn flash in order to do so. I ask Corki why he didn't come in with me. He says "You're ruining my freeze and got hit by cc, so I backed off" when he backed off before the fight even began. Okay, whatever. At this point he's still under our tower yelling at me for ruining his freeze... He isn't even close enough to get XP from minions. I'm level 6, he's level 4. I decide to tell him "Hey, if you wanna farm, I'm gonna let you farm. I'll leave lane" and proceed to roam. I help secure drake, I help get a kill toplane, and I help secure rift as well and after that I head mid to help Zed get some tower plates. Corki then tells everyone in all chat to report me for being toxic, and for leaving him to a 1v2. ??? I was never rude to him. The "rudest" thing I did was leave lane to let him farm since he was yelling at me the entire time. I was two levels ahead of him and figured that I'd be more use around the map rather than sitting bot and letting him farm. Yeah, I left him to 1v2, but I didn't think that wasn't allowed ESPECIALLY since he wasn't cooperating with me at all during the lane phase. We ultimately ended up winning but Corki had almost 0 KP until around the end of the game. He AFK farmed bot for the majority of the entire game and only roamed about 10 minutes before they actually surrendered. He proceeded to again tell everyone in post-game to report me for toxicity. Is this actually bannable? I wasn't rude. Didn't call him names. He was tilting me, yes, so I left lane to leave an impact on other areas of the map (which in the end paid off bc we got so many objectives off of it).
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