Do not care to win in ranked! (advice)

If you give any effort in Ranked you will be banned. Do not type and tell your teammate that you need to group because thats a reportable offense. This game isn't designed for competitive play (unless you are challenger with a stream of 4k+ viewers, only then u can be blatant toxic) since they permaban anyone who gets reported for not camping a lane. So further notice you can avoid getting banned by following these simple steps: 1. Dont type. 2. Int feed. 3. say gg at the end. ^ If you intentionally feed but do not type, you can avoid a ban! But if you tell your team to group or to stop dying that warrants a perma! I will now be making a new account and int feeding every ranked game to prove this. You're welcome riot I found a glitch in your tribunal system. (*BTW this is sarcasm just incase another Riot robot reads this) In Korea the "toxicity" level is higher but the ban rate is lower. Why is that? Hmm maybe NA has very soft skin? Please be gentle with NA players they will report you for not surrendering. And if u typed at all you will get permabanned. Fun fact: Get in a premade duo or trio and go report 1 innocent player. Riot's tribunal will ban because if u dont gank for the duo you are obviously worth getting permabanned. tl;dr Can we get the human tribunal back. When humans used to look over the tribunal you actually got an answer to what the actual problem is. This permaban robot they have in place will take any curse words even if it was something like "oh sh*t" or " fuck" and use it in the report if you got reported. People abuse this system, stop putting robots in place for judging permabans only humans should be able to look over a permaban
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