An idea on banning bot-undetected offenders in LOL

Almost on the daily, you see people complaining about inting (the kind that is on purpose) or trolling. The thing is, for a bot, it is very difficult to see a malphite who ults a teammember in base for the 7th time as trolling. After all, hes trying to win! (?). And they are right to speak up. It is a big issue in the game and Riot Games is no longer the Indie company it once was. It's time to hire a few people to look into undetected behavior. My (partial) solution to the issue is giving players a once-per-season ticket, that allows them to report obvious toxic behavior that they do not expect a bot to see, or that they just wat certainty of punishment for. Once they use this ticket, the game in question will be downloaded and the player is able to select at least 3 cases of the behavior (as to make sure it wasn't an accident) and up to 10 of them by selecting a timeframe of up to 10 seconds each. The reporter can then also write up to 50 words in a small box (just like the normal report function, but now a human might read it). Afterwards, the report will be placed in a queue together with the reports from all other players and the humans start looking over it. With 2 minutes per case, alot of toxicity could be removed from the game, even if it was just because of fright on a players behalf. I know this would take quite a few people but it could really help, even if a player would have to wait a long while before getting the 'a player you reported..' message{{champion:51}}
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