Power in numbers

Game 1 In-Game ThiccJuicer: ooo ThiccJuicer: ??? ThiccJuicer: ? ThiccJuicer: Why y'all trying so hard lmao ThiccJuicer: i meant for me ThiccJuicer: 2 of you die when i die ThiccJuicer: ok trash ThiccJuicer: LOL ThiccJuicer: HE GONNA LOOK ME UP CUZ HE "DOESN'T CARE" ThiccJuicer: tryhard ThiccJuicer: enjoy losing to a low elo scrub ThiccJuicer: you talking a lot for people who don't care ThiccJuicer: doesn't matter what your rank is you lost to a low elo scrub Post-Game ThiccJuicer: fuckin ez ThiccJuicer: git gud ThiccJuicer: irony since you keep responding ThiccJuicer: suck my S So, sure this isn't good, but of course I get penalized just because they had like a trio or quad queue. This was ONE GAME. I was mainly RESPONDING to them. I would love to be able to show you what they all said but why would Riot implement that? Enjoy the dying game I guess. The post game was because they were going super hard as the game ended.
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