So im Banned forever! 1962 hours on a account for nothing?

So watching streamers latley has got me into thinking... There super toxic! and some have received there account back i know riot had a little message on there start game "GAMES CAN BE HEATED" i really miss my account that ive had for so long! i wish they would of perm ban me from chat instead of banning the account so people dont feel like riot is just wanting them to make a new account. it makes me cry that i played for 1962 hours and now just got banned? like i know games can be heated but just now getting banned that far into my account makes me reeally sad.. i wish there was a better deal to work with this and just grant me a perm chat ban... i got banned over a heated game, if riot wants me to sign a contract saying it wont happen again i would, anything for this account! just look at the name CAPTAINSMILEY! i am a happy guy and if i could i would spread that to league instead of being toxic! im sorry for everything that ive done wrong but im willing to never break the rules again and never be toxic in my game unless you guys just want to perm bann me from chat! litterly i will do anything to see my account unbanned. i would read every rules and take a test if you had one riot. trust me this account means a lot and putting that much time in account to be banned forever is super sad for me, it feels like i cant move on after that on league plz review this and tell me what i can do if there is anything one thing ive learning from life is that most things are not worth fighting, seeing life for what it really is when you are dieing is a wake up call to do stuff but in my case i cant do much, league was my pass time i just hoped that i maybe had a chance
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