14 day suspension, still waiting on what i said that was toxic.

Context: We started the game under handed, had no tanks and the opposing team had 2 tanks Im just being a sketpic thinking we lost the game. Then Eve steps in and starts going at me. Everything is my fault. She ganks at a bad time, my fault. Morgana dies in the jungle, my fault. I keep a cool head and just let it slide pretty much, and i make a comment when they get rekt in bot "Probably my fault those deaths too :DD". Eve continues to give me the business but whatever. Then morgana demands she get mid and i should go supp, or she trolls. I say i wont do that, and seeing how she lost bot to Pantheon (He was like 5/1 or something at this point) i say i dont wanna go bot to a fed Pantheon. Morgana does not like this. Eve towerdives and i follow up resulting in my death. I ask her not to do so. Eve blames me for Top dying while i am mid. Eve tells me to stop talking to her, and asks why am i talking to her? I answer in a calm manner. I am just baffled,there are no curse words here. No player attacks, nothing. AT MOST, a snye comment of the "i guess those deaths are my fault too" AT MOST,and even that cant be hurtfull. I submit my ticket and Riot just uses the "We dont care who started it so your suspension is final", even though i never cared who started it. I care about my language and it is 100% fine imo, but you be the judge. You feel this is enough to suspend someone for 14 days? The chat restrict i did use curse words so i accepted it but this has gone too far. Especially since i received a honor level since then. Riot probs wont lift my ban even though i sent another ticket cuz i dont think itse resolved when i ask "What did i do?" and they answer "We dont care who started it". Is this text considered toxic nowadays? Or aggro? Really? I mean REALLY? Game 1 In-Game Rapumies: Its GG already Rapumies: We have no tank Rapumies: They have 2 tanks and a blitz Rapumies: :DDD Rapumies: 1 kill early = Early loss Rapumies: ok buddy boi Rapumies: We are gonna lose if we dont finish the game in 15min Rapumies: Which we wont Rapumies: Probably my fault those deaths too Rapumies: :DD Rapumies: Flame boi Rapumies: You flame me for what exactly? Rapumies: Then we are duo mid Rapumies: gj eve Rapumies: My mid lane cuz i picked mid Rapumies: Dont pick support if you aint gonna support Rapumies: just cuz you fed your lane doesnt mean you get to swap sonm Rapumies: And if your jungler doesnt gank, dont blame me Rapumies: Please dont gank just to towerdive and make me help you Rapumies: Nope Rapumies: Why would i? Rapumies: I dont want your fed pantheon lol Rapumies: wow i have had enough of you eve Rapumies: You are flaming me for PLAYING MID Rapumies: like why Rapumies: reported Rapumies: Report Eve, massive flam Rapumies: Flame* Rapumies: Blames me for everything. Bot/Mid and Top Rapumies: GG Rapumies: I sorta guessed it was a lose when we had 0 tanks but Rapumies: GG anyway Rapumies: lol Rapumies: GG Rapumies: Tell me about it Rapumies: Ryze is to blame - Eve Rapumies: Cuz its my right Rapumies: You did speak to me Rapumies: You flamed me Rapumies: You blamed me for losing Rapumies: Wow GG Post-Game Rapumies: Eve absolutely reported Rapumies: Toxic lvl over 9000
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