The punishment system is a joke and needs to be fixed.

Hello, I am Excalibur. I was playing League of legends, a ranked game. I played support as it's my favorite role. What happened? My jinx, who died at lvl 1, started flaming me wondering why I didn't black shield. (I used it already). So, she started to flame me, spam ping me, and then AFK'd and while she was in base, she continued to flame us while running around in our fountain. So, she intentionally fed, AFK'd, and harassed the heck out of all of us. While this was going on, I was playing to the best of my ability. I used appropriate pings, I roamed, I warded, I even got a few kills myself. During the course of this game, I told this Jinx to "stfu" and then I told the enemy team to "x9 report jinx". Riot Games perm banned someone and chat restricted another. Care to guess what happened? That's right. I, the support who tried his damn best all game, was permanently banned, while this Jinx, that harassed me and my team, afk'd and int'd, was only chat restricted. I checked his . He is still playing the game and continues to troll more games. I submitted a ticket to Riot games but I was denied as "x9 report jinx" counts as harassment and is toxic. The system is a joke. Riot needs to understand their garbage system is the reason for there being so much toxicity. Players understand that if they run it down, they won't be banned. But, if they say "stfu" or "x9 report jinx" they will be. Amazing moderation from Riot games. I applaud you. I am now out 50$ and around 150 hours of gameplay because of this system. Thank you riot games.
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