Chat Restrictions aren't accurate (PLEASE GIVE ADVICE HOW TO REMOVE THEM)

Game 1 ****(((Basically in this game, the support, soraka is flaming me for going fizz top. I died one time and he's constantly harassing me. He tells me that i'm the reason why we are losing and i'm throwing the game. He's also telling me i'm bad at the game and I have no friends. I basically put everything he was saying in all chat, so the enemy team sees what he's saying.)))**** In-Game Masynia: another stone is a pretty good akali Masynia: but don't let that intrude you Masynia: should've used my star guardian fizz Masynia: that base ad is nasty Masynia: on your red Masynia: idk Masynia: top farm Masynia: or tower gone Masynia: top gone Masynia: sorry Masynia: just passive him Masynia: idk Masynia: why you are talking Masynia: or asking me questions Masynia: that aren't important Masynia: they =arent Masynia: really arent Masynia: how come yall lost that fight? Masynia: exactly Masynia: thanks for answering your question Masynia: for me Masynia: i did Masynia: with your answer Masynia: you just did for me Masynia: because he's a champ? Masynia: o_o Masynia: i get ganked once Masynia: with a fat wave Masynia: and lose tower Masynia: i'm a int now? Masynia: stfu and play the game Masynia: ... Masynia: i'm reportng you Masynia: lol Masynia: you're such a bad teammate Masynia: ez honestly doesn't deserve you Masynia: i'm throwing so hard Masynia: yeah Masynia: naw Masynia: you didnt Masynia: all him Masynia: ez Masynia: are you going to shut him up Masynia: or let him Masynia: keep talking Masynia: lol Masynia: yeah Masynia: you are so right Masynia: we lost Masynia: we are going to ff Masynia: soraka said we are going to lose bad Masynia: its good game Masynia: check logs Masynia: lol Masynia: i played against akali Masynia: toplane Masynia: didn't do bad Masynia: but not great Masynia: i care Masynia: because you are toxic Masynia: Exactly Masynia: so shut up Masynia: 1/2 is considered inting Masynia: to soraka Masynia: the only reason i killed kha Masynia: was because of soraka Masynia: lol Masynia: if i didn't come top Masynia: you wouldn't have got an assist Masynia: i don't care you say they don't care Masynia: yeah tell me to get a life Masynia: i'm going to all chat everything you say Masynia: if he keeps talking i'll keep going Masynia: same Masynia: wooo Masynia: such a toxic german Masynia: 0.6 Masynia: useful Masynia: apparently you have no friends Masynia: since you're playing ranked with solo Masynia: ummm Masynia: you're funny Masynia: too bad you can't hide your chat logs xD Masynia: kha don't waste your time Masynia: just report him Masynia: Ty Masynia: i literally didn't flame him at all Masynia: he started it Masynia: What did i say? Masynia: tell me Masynia: tell peopl Masynia: what did you say Masynia: you asked me Masynia: why am i playing top Masynia: i said Masynia: don't ask questions that are Masynia: irrelevent Masynia: dude you're getting chat restricted Masynia: for sure Masynia: maybe you'll actually play for now on Masynia: yeah Masynia: because it's a game Masynia: not keyboarding Masynia: keep talking Masynia: no one likes what you're doing Masynia: you're def going to get a punishment Masynia: "ape fizz" Masynia: lol Masynia: please report Masynia: sorak Post-Game Masynia: please report soraka Masynia: constantly harassinbg Masynia: me and teammate Masynia: pease Masynia: please Masynia: unless you want him to be on your team Masynia: it makes sense Masynia: because you will most likely see him again Game 2 ****(((This is pretty much why the chat restrictions are flawed. I basically didn't say anything wrong, but still received a punishment.)))**** Pre-Game Masynia: go zed Masynia: go zed Masynia: go zed Masynia: go zed Masynia: i'm top Masynia: i'm not Masynia: he wasnt going Masynia: zed Masynia: so i was like we need more ad Masynia: no Masynia: i'm top Masynia: no Masynia: i'm going top Masynia: i don't want to get ganked Masynia: hard Masynia: i'd rather die 1v1 Masynia: than 3v1 Masynia: no Masynia: i'm not Masynia: trolling In-Game Masynia: how Masynia: woah Masynia: i have a hand cannon Masynia: he's invisible Masynia: if he's good Masynia: check out pink ward Masynia: no Masynia: i'm jhin Masynia: ddue Masynia: you said i was trolling Masynia: now that i'm doing bad Masynia: you are going to get mad? Masynia: after you were toxic to me in champ select? Masynia: stop not making sense Masynia: no its not Masynia: you going lee sin Masynia: full ad Masynia: is going to lose the game Masynia: yeah Masynia: watch late game Masynia: dced Masynia: my bad Masynia: yea Masynia: no Masynia: why didn't i just type Masynia: lol wtf Masynia: ? Masynia: its ok Masynia: you're toxic Masynia: :F Masynia: :D* Masynia: sa,e Masynia: same Masynia: i don't see how you're making sense Masynia: i'm getting ganked Masynia: and you expect me to survive Masynia: do you understand what inting is? Masynia: i have 4 Masynia: 3 Masynia: oh nice Masynia: lee sin you have Masynia: 4 Masynia: u huh Masynia: the thing ios Masynia: the only one fed Masynia: is tahm Masynia: you expect a support to carry? Masynia: maybe top actually got a gank? Masynia: report this lee sin Masynia: super toxic Masynia: blames everything on everyone else Masynia: who said i knew you were tahm top? Masynia: not my fauklt Masynia: we all costed this game Masynia: pp[s Masynia: oops Masynia: didn't mean all chat Masynia: dude Masynia: ddue Masynia: they Masynia: 5 people like diving the weakes Masynia: don't do it Masynia: this lee sin is toxic Masynia: report lee sin please Post-Game Masynia: dude Masynia: they seriously don't know Masynia: that i was trying Masynia: they don't know what inting is Masynia: dude Masynia: i hate people when they are like this
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