Can someone expain to me what was toxic in my chat to get a 14 day ban...

Game 1 Pre-Game manth1sgamesucks: ? manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: oh wait i banned the wrong thing manth1sgamesucks: :/ manth1sgamesucks: REEEEEEEEEE manth1sgamesucks: sorry i dont know how to paly support manth1sgamesucks: ? manth1sgamesucks: ezreal shhhhh manth1sgamesucks: pick somthing selse manth1sgamesucks: reported manth1sgamesucks: xd manth1sgamesucks: thats a bad word manth1sgamesucks: he didnt say it manth1sgamesucks: agreed manth1sgamesucks: you can manth1sgamesucks: well why would i report him manth1sgamesucks: so manth1sgamesucks: i like his name manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: xzDD In-Game manth1sgamesucks: can you report the janna plz manth1sgamesucks: agreed manth1sgamesucks: he was using it as a toxic ay manth1sgamesucks: way manth1sgamesucks: DONT CARE IF THATS HIS NAME manth1sgamesucks: I LIKE HIS NAME manth1sgamesucks: I DONT LIKE YOU manth1sgamesucks: yea janna mid is smart manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: and your calling namers manth1sgamesucks: names manth1sgamesucks: obv manth1sgamesucks: ik manth1sgamesucks: i misclicked manth1sgamesucks: or typed manth1sgamesucks: i never did manth1sgamesucks: shut up and play the game manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: sure manth1sgamesucks: you dont have to manth1sgamesucks: no manth1sgamesucks: im d3 in solo duo manth1sgamesucks: ;) manth1sgamesucks: your mad manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: reported manth1sgamesucks: not going top manth1sgamesucks: gj yas manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: LOL manth1sgamesucks: ? manth1sgamesucks: lol manth1sgamesucks: he is mad manth1sgamesucks: he is flaming manth1sgamesucks: ? manth1sgamesucks: i cant do anything pre 6 manth1sgamesucks: bruh manth1sgamesucks: BRUH manth1sgamesucks: you dont know this game manth1sgamesucks: noob? manth1sgamesucks: ? manth1sgamesucks: can you report ww manth1sgamesucks: pl manth1sgamesucks: plz manth1sgamesucks: he is trolling us now manth1sgamesucks: THANK YOU manth1sgamesucks: i can carry manth1sgamesucks: 1/5 manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: knows the game huh manth1sgamesucks: i can tell manth1sgamesucks: agreed manth1sgamesucks: agreed manth1sgamesucks: how so manth1sgamesucks: yea your telliong us to stfu manth1sgamesucks: and i mean manth1sgamesucks: ik manth1sgamesucks: lol manth1sgamesucks: should we ff 15? manth1sgamesucks: wait we cant manth1sgamesucks: ww wont let us manth1sgamesucks: lol manth1sgamesucks: LOL manth1sgamesucks: well i mean we dont have a top lane manth1sgamesucks: so its kinda 4v5 manth1sgamesucks: he is fed manth1sgamesucks: lol manth1sgamesucks: LOL manth1sgamesucks: agreeeeedddddddd manth1sgamesucks: ye ww for the carry lol manth1sgamesucks: i got u manth1sgamesucks: :) manth1sgamesucks: agreed manth1sgamesucks: get banned? manth1sgamesucks: we can tell manth1sgamesucks: that is what will always make you silver manth1sgamesucks: i need boots :/ manth1sgamesucks: lol manth1sgamesucks: prdicted manth1sgamesucks: gg ez manth1sgamesucks: 4v5 Post-Game manth1sgamesucks: gg yas and camile manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: xD manth1sgamesucks: xD Anything helps, i just really want to know why i got banned and this is the only game that showed for the chat logs. Plz comment below why I got banned im so confused. For a little background info the janna was saying the n-word and the ww was giving up before the game was over and saying he can do whatever he wants to do.
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