why is the report system a joke

apparently this is how it works. doesnt matter what you say or how you say it, if you get reported 5x within 20 games you get chat restricted. i didnt cuss at anyone, i was mad that i lose because someone actually ran into enemy team for free kills. but since they reported me, i get banned/restricted. why is there no actual review of the games or chat before a ban. im not allowed to say anything or i get banned. its a sport and in sports you talk trash to each other and when you get upset you do the same. why is it that no one is allowed to say anything without getting auto banned. best part is, there is no consequences for inting or win trading or anything like that, only if you say something in chat. now that there is a restriction on my account i get no rewards and there is no way to possibly get back to honor 2 because it takes like 1000 games to get even a check point. so why is it so quick to get banned but takes months to get back to where you were?
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