i dont think perma ban was justified?

2 years ago i was perma banned, recently i logged back in and realised my chat wasnt even that bad, here it is: Game 1 In-Game YLgaming: denzel curry lit YLgaming: fuck me YLgaming: just play safe YLgaming: that gave me 900 gold YLgaming: that one kill YLgaming: huney YLgaming: u were that feeding sona that one game YLgaming: and u said those exact words YLgaming: %%%% i know you YLgaming: your still toxic huh? YLgaming: everyone report annie YLgaming: bye YLgaming: bye YLgaming: Ez game YLgaming: ezzzz YLgaming: mad cos bad YLgaming: mad cos bad YLgaming: lmfao YLgaming: lose* YLgaming: ggez YLgaming: ezpz YLgaming: ez YLgaming: Ez game YLgaming: EZ
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