7+ reports in one game should trigger a manual review

think about it... if your entire team and at least 3 enemys say "wow this guy was such a toxic/trolling ahole, he deserves to be reported" i dare to say it has a reason. "people would abuse this and call for reports" this is where riot could use their loadscreen to share some useful information like asking to reports is still a rulebreak. instead of telling me *did you know rakan likes chocolate and caitlyn got her gun for her 18th birthday from her parents* yeah thats great... riot DID YOU KNOW that about 90% of your playerbase never read the rules and that i swear on my family EVERY GAME i have someone asking for reports. EVERY GAME! so how about you try and tell people the rules? at least in some way shape or form. dont get me wrong, i totally agree that if you end up in a 4 man premade squad, they shouldnt have power over you by threatening you to report you (you could tweak the system if its really 3-4 premades) but then again i dont think 1 report should be handled the same as 7 8 or even 9. how many times do 9 people actually report 1 person? i bet thats way more rare than we all think. also its just a manual review. its not a "ok you got 8 reports, youre instantly punished". this would also make it way more realistic for riot to handle. its just a random thought that came upon me again. leave your thoughts if you want.

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