Honest Question regarding "Stubborn" behaviors

I see these folks a LOT when I play League; people who can handle their champion decently enough, or sometimes even near-perfectly, but... Sometimes they just seem to never learn for whatever reason... Imagine your teammates splitting up out of a mid group-push because they don't see any opposing champions on the minimap, only for the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM to be waiting in one of the nearby bushes for this exact scenario. Chaos unfolds, the teammate that walked toward the death-bush gets caught, and your teammate's scattered allies try to rush to their aid, only to be picked off one at a time as they arrive. You make a mental note; "They're baiting." and take care to avoid a repeat scenario... only to watch the exact same thing happen to everyone but you because nobody else seems to have figured it out. OK, no big deal, let your team know you're pretty sure they're just going to bait out ambushes until they catch up. Nobody listens, some take offense to the fact you thought you needed to say it to begin with, STILL your teammates keep doing the same thing, sometimes outright refusing to try anything else. Rinse, repeat, you see the defeat screen despite being snowballing hard like five to ten minutes ago. I've been on the ambushing team as well, and nine times out of ten folks just start flaming their teammates in all chat instead of learning, or even listening to that ONE player that's figured it out. This isn't the only type of example but it suits the question, does literally REFUSING TO LEARN count as a reportable offense? I've heard all the harsh tropes like; "you can't fix stupid", or "they're wood 7, what do you expect?", but seriously, it makes me wonder. If the information is there (teammate pointing out the ambush strat), backed by repeat examples (like the example above), is refusing to acknowledge the information and play according to it considered poor sportsmanship? Or is it more like "It's ok they're just having a bad game"? Before anybody takes offense, the top paragraph is just a hypothetical example, yes, folks are rarely polite about it on League when these situations occur, but it HAS happened where the "smarter" teammate was perfectly reasonable (heck, sometimes even outright POLITE, the horror!) in their message warning teammates of impending ambush tactics, the result didn't differ when I saw it happen. The second paragraph is an honest question how folks feel about these kind of situations, be it the scenario from the example, or things like a teammate stepping on that one Teemo mushroom in the same spot over and over, or doing something else repeatedly, no matter how many times it either backfires or just plain doesn't work. Nobody's being called out, nobody should BE calling anyone out. I'm interested to see what folks think on this, seeing as these "stubborn" examples usually lead to either tilt or outright toxicity from what I've seen. P.S. Miss-clicks insanely overpowered, please nerf. Accidentally deleted entire original post and had to re-write it. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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