Why are players always giving up?

Hello, i just wanted to talk about the behavior players have in general about giving up. First of all let's do some quick stats: -There is 3 lanes in the game -All 3 of them have, in general, 50% chance of winning their lane excluding jungle - Your jungler, in general, also have 50% chance to be more impactful in the game than the other jungler That being said, chances that the whole team does great is very, very small. -In the end your team has 50% chances of having a lead early Just tell me WHY do people give up this easily when they are not in winning conditions? You climb the ladder of ranked queues by having ONLY A BIT MORE than 50% win rate. This means each victory you could achieve by not giving up is the reason you'll have 51% wr instead of 50%. The only answer i get when asking is people saying ''It's a waste of time'' but let me tell you something EACH GAME OF LOL IS, IN THE END, A TRUE WASTE OF TIME EVEN IF YOU WIN The only way you can make the most out of this lost time is enjoying the game you are playing, wich you are not when you give up 50% of the time (when you are in a winning condition) I know i speak in general, but i do not point anybody it is just a behavior i have in general looked at. I want to know what y'all think about this, Thank you, JS EDIT: i'm not saying it is easy or the chances are strong of a comeback. But if you have 5% chances or even less, then on 100 games in this situation, you'd win 5 of them instead of 0, wich makes a great difference is your win rate.
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