Why am I receiving a 14 day suspension?

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After playing my last game, I received 2x "tilt-proof" honors from my allies. I also got reported for intentionally feeding, when in all actuality I was just playing the match the best way I knew how. We were doing great as a team, too, and at no point did we throw the match due to my gameplay. This is a video game. It's meant to be played. Now I've been banned before for saying things in chat when I get mad, like name-calling etc. but I've stopped doing that once my previous account, one which spent $2445 USD in riot points, was permanently banned. This previous account got banned justifiably because I used the word "f@$%^t" which is basically an auto-ban in this game. With that said, I learned the hard way that If I want to play this game with skins and invest money into this game, I CANNOT AFFORD TO USE ANY FOUL LANGUAGE IN CHAT. And so I quit doing that. In fact, I quit griefing altogether! Instead of griefing, I simply spam my emotes which is honestly just as triggering and I don't have to type anything and there's no log of me typing anything so I can be as toxic with my emotes as I want, teabagging, etc, whenever I get kills. Sure fine whatever. Still not griefing, right? not in chat, not flaming, not name calling, not saying "f@$^%t", nothing. Just playing. playing as best i can, and getting whatever honors/reports I manage to get. Well, it's ranked. And for me the matches are getting harder because I'm actually climbing. And then I get into these matches with these toxic teammates that do not give a damn about how much $$$$$$ i put into this game in RP. they just report. I'll have you all know that I'm saving up every last dollar I can at work just to buy the RP to get the prestigious neeko skin for my new account, which happens to be a neeko main. This account, as of last week, has had no penalties issued against it for anything against terms of service. it was a clean account with no problems. Now last week, I got reported enough times by players who've played previous matches with me, reported me then, then also reported me in the next games they had me in. furthermore, they got the rest of the players in the match to report me. for what? feeding? what??? what for? I checked the log very thoroughly. There are 2 games I played, both of which I used no foul language with the exception of saying one thing, and that one thing was "ignite is a gay summoner spell". that is the only homophobic comment I made across both games. every other comment i made was "good job" or "get wrecked" or "oof" or whatever. just shit talking. but not griefing. not anything toxic. just comments just chat. you have a chat. i'm using it. come on now. FASTFOWARD TO MY 10 GAME SUSPENSION i play 8 games sure fine whatever. i decided on game 1 that i wouldn't even bother fighting my 10 game suspension because it wouldn't do any good. i never have any luck winning over anyone with these sorts of posts on the forums. SO i chose to just ignore it, play it out, and move on. Sure. ok. great. very mature. then game 8 happens. in champ select, my allies are already being toxic. i have neeko highlighted to go neeko adc. i usually build health and ability power, but still go neeko adc. sure ok fine. not a new strategy. happens to be my favorite strategy right now. so i do it. sometimes i get hate for it. sure fine whatever. that's life. today though, i was 4th pick. my support was 1st pick. the support also highlighted neeko. i'm like whatever. i'll pick something else if she locks in neeko. then enemy team first pick PICKED NEEKO. ok, so now i cant play neeko ok fine. sure. so i pick veigar. i go bot. my support has leona. we both go bot. jungle is afk. fine whatever. dont care. we play level 1. enemy team neeko jhin botlane starts marching up on us. we're both playing champions that can't pop off until like level 3 or so and jhin is just marching us to our turret. we have an early game all-in at level 1 and everybody dies. i go back to lane. leona is late getting back. they're still staying. turret plating is legit 2 out of 5 at the 4 minute mark. so i push up as a level 1. i try my best to stay alive but i get defeated a second time under my turret. which is still 2 of 5 plating at 4 minute mark. leona finally gets back to lane. dies. blames me. then we both get back, plating now 1 of 5, and we're just not having a good time. our jungler is shaco and he's invading the enemy top side jungle playing toward that side of the map. i already knew at this point that my lane was over and i wouldn't get any help. i figured i'll just keep them in that lane and bully that lane as much as i can because at this point any time they kill me they get 50 gold. so i stayed there until my turret died. then i stayed some more. 6 minutes into the game, no bot lane turret and i've probably got 6 deaths? sure whatever. no help. leona laready left. i'm just playing the match, trying to hit level 6 at this point. i manage to get level 6. i push the bot lane. i keep jhin bot side. i keep neeko bot side. they can't get me at this point because i built first item zz'rot portal so i had in-lane movement speed. i also got swift shoes, to outplay them more. all this time i'm 0/6 trying to win my lane which has no turret. i'm succeeding in keeping the fed neeko and the fed jhin from going to any other lane. my other two lanes are winning hard. i'm still bullying bot. i'm so underleveled at this point that my respawn is way fast and i can just get back there faster than they can SO THEY CAN NO LONGER PUSH BOT. I have portal done. at this point i'm soloing bot. if they chase me, i run PAST THEM TOWARD THEIR BASE AWAY FROM MY MINIONS AND I PLACE MY PORTAL AND I DUEL THEM AND SINCE IM VEIGAR I USE MY TRAP TO STOP THEM FROM ALL-INNING ME AND I ALWAYS PLACE THE PORTAL BETWEEN THEIR TURRETS AND KITE THEM BACK AWAY FROM IT, BACK TO OUR CREEPS IN THE MIDDLE, AND EVEN FARTHER, BACK TO MY SIDE OF THE MAP. I'm doing this. I'm winning lane, and outplaying them hard. they have to burn flash to get me, ever. at all. at this point. and i'm like 0/9, getting everyone's flash, denying the top side fiora from split pushing bot. (this happened. i denied her hard). Meanwhile jhin finally died. our shaco is popping off. jhin dies over and over running down mid. he comes back bot but can no longer get me. i'm actually winning as a 0/9. fastfoward some more. i'm like 1 and 25 and i killed fiora because she thought she could 1v1 me and she couldnt. meanwhile we've won the bot lane inner turret (i should say i won it but it's a team game) and we continued to play the match in A TIE GAME which we eventually BARELY LOST and at which point i was reported for intentionally feeding. no one was fed. we lost the game in a tie game situation and no one on any team was worth shutdown gold. THAT'S BECAUSE NO ONE IN THE GAME WAS ON ANY SORT OF KILLING SPREE AND THAT IS BECAUSE NO ONE WAS ACTUALLY INTENTIONALLY FEEDING. So then, why am i on a 14 day suspension? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As I've said before, I've been banned on many accounts for my behavior in chat. I stopped that because I got tired of Riot stealing my money. legit. stealing. i give you money for RP then you freeze my account permanently? that's stealing. you're a fucking thief. ANd in this case, i did nothing wrong in chat and still got suspended. that's strike one. this means that eventually i'll get unsuspended, at which point I'll continue buying the RP needed to unlock prestegious neeko, and then, ultimately, get another 14 day suspension because people are assholes. that will then be strike 2. after this, it's a permanent suspension which I probably can't fight to get unsuspended at that point SO I AM DOING IT HERE AND NOW. YOU'RE GIVING ME MY FIRST STRIKE AND I DO NOT DESERVE IT. you're just trying to steal my money again at this point and it's not fair to me. Please look into this. thanks.
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