Botted account's that are not getting banned - these often go on to be toxic smurfs in high elo

I really should spend my time doing something better but I care about the quality of ranked games that I play, the following is evidence of botted accounts that are surviving **months to years of gameplay** to become smurfs that are normally extremely toxic and very high win rate, deciding a huge number of high platinum to masters games. If you believe I am not aware of riots current ban wave strategies please read at least half of this post. _I have no issues with hand leveled smurfs which are accepted by riot, my only issue is that the availability of botted smurfs makes it easy for the majority of higher elo games to be decided by matchmaking and full of unplayable and spreading toxicity._ . . . . **Player A** Player A has climbed to mid diamond mmr with 80% wr over50 games. This is their match history for lvl 1-30 ( ) as you can see every game is recognisably botted using the same summoner spells, rotating between the same 5 champions with a 5 man premade lobby, playing up to 24 games in a day. The first game played on this account is June 2018, the account was then sold the same month as a level 30 account. Over a year has passed since the player started playing ranked. The last game on this account was less than 1 hour ago. 1. Now for further proof these accounts are botted - here look at one of the games which was used during the botted process as a premade Again from 2018. Everything single other player from that group has been banned or possibly stopped playing within the first month 3 months of ranked but Player A has not been. 2. Now we look at another game from Player A's matchmaking 3 are the same as above but the 4th has ranked games from both 2018 and June 2019 suggesting they have not been banned 3. We check a 3rd game - 2 accounts haven't been played since 2018, 2 of them have new summoner names, new summoner icons and a ranked match history for 2019 Purely off player A I could scrape 1000's of accounts that were botted just by clicking through their match history or using a web scraper bot. . . . . **Player B** _Just incase people are too sceptical to believe that Player A is a unique case, I will use a different account that was botted using a different method._ Player B's account was used by botting twisted treeline. Player B's account started leveling at the start of October 2019 and has ranked history up until a few days ago, at 77% wr over 60 games. 1. Lets take a game from their per level 30 match history . Their are 6 players in this game, all botting their account as obvious in their match making history. 3 of these players now have a new summoner name, a new icon, a very high win rate in their ranked games up to the present date. So player B's example, the account has only existed for a little over a month, easily written off as waiting for ban waves right? So why include it? This account has been leveled using a **known and consistent botting strategy**, using twisted treeline with a consistent list of champions using only ghost and heal until level 30. Again taking every botted account from their match history you can scrape 100's or 1000's accounts that have already been playing ranked games where they reach huge win rates and are often extremely toxic or unwilling to play to win games. . . . . This is a really long post and I have spent way too much time already to start pulling more and more accounts which I could easily provide history for if summoner names were allowed. The aim of this post is for the automated ban system to be reviewed by riot, or a better system for manually report botted accounts to be created for next season. If you still do not believe anything from these posts or disagree feel free to comment and I will give evidence when I have more of my time to give to this.
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