14 day ban for this? Can I have it removed?

Banned for this?
Post with 0 views. Banned for this?
I got a 14 day ban for this, where I am not even toxic. Usually when people post that they've gotten a 14-day ban, there's examples from 3-4 matches. As you can see from the imgur link I posted, there was only provided chat logs from a single game I played and the things I wrote was deemed 'unacceptable behaviour'. This does not make sense as I am literally not being toxic. I wrote ''ggwp'' after missing two CS in botlane. Is that unacceptable behaviour? I wrote 'jesus ******g christ' 'loool' 'LOOOL' after my team and I failed to chase the enemy Jinx, where the Katarina on my team flashed over the wall at dragon, hit the Blast Cone and went right back over the wall she flashed. The whole team found this funny and I do not understand why I would be punished for having fun and not taking the game too seriously. The rest of the logs are basic in-game logs I deem pointless and definitely not toxic in this situation, so I will not address them. Having all my honor removed as a consequence of a misunderstood situation in this case is really unfortunate for me. If there's anything that can be done, I would be really happy. Game 1 In-Game makeemrun: don't makeemrun: shove makeemrun: ggwp makeemrun: don't makeemrun: shove makeemrun: please makeemrun: jesus fucking chrsit makeemrun: loool makeemrun: LOOOL makeemrun: if this kata didn't ban my ez i would be as fed as heca :') makeemrun: yes, i do makeemrun: go solo baron
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