I just got banned, I have had multiple accounts banned and none of them have had this impact on me

I need you guys to understand first of all, I have been banned several times, be that as it may all my bans come from flaming intentional feeding, nothing tilts me more than someone wasting 4 peoples time because they have personal problems. Im not really gonna justify my ban I flamed and you people seem to think that is the worst offense someone can commit, over the course of my time here Its become clear to me Riot values griefers/feeders over people who flame. I have had 8 accounts, permanently banned because during a promotional series or a time when I am putting in my best just to get a player who will simply not cooperate because god knows why really. Game 3, the final game I played before getting banned we had a Rammus who ganked botlane and died. His response? Afk farming jungle for 30 minutes, our Fizz was trying his hardest to carry going 13/5, I was toplane being dove over and over and over again, I still managed to have a decent score of 6/8/3 I think. Throughout the course of the game, no matter how close we were to winning, how far we were, Rammus just didnt help, we had a chance to kill Baron after me and Fizz pulled a 2v4 and killed their jg, he was farming red side, we had a chance at 3 infernals, Rammus never came. There was a chance to kill Gnar 100 times over because he and Jarvan kept diving (bear in mind Rammus has a taunt), he refused to come. I need you all to realize this is a master tier Rammus, he isnt just 'having a bad game', he knows how this game and system works. If you think I am deluded or angry, your right about the second but my entire team typed they would report Rammus and asked the enemy too aswell. I am willing to bet everything I own on the fact THAT RAMMUS WILL NOT GET ANY SORT OF PUNISHMENT DUE TO NOT TYPING IN THE IN GAME CHAT. You are releasing shit tons of content but you have still not fixed your system, this game will continue to be trash as long as you ban people like me who put their hardest in and allow people like him who grief/throw games silently to play. Flaming can be muted and reported, griefing/int feeding cannot My final words, Im banned fuck it but that son of a bitch should be too, I welcome any counter arguements not involving 'youve have chances to reform', I have stated there is no justification for my actions but neither is there for his and it really comes down to it not being fair that I flame instead of running it down silently but I get punished and he doesnt
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