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I wish we could see all the chatlogs that a player sees when a player gets punished. Perhaps even timestamps and/or notable events that Riot's API already tracks (notably deaths). Currently, from what I've seen, you only see your messages and yours alone in a consecutive format. Example: > JonneeG: Hello everyone. How are you all? > JonneeG: Ok lets go! > JonneeG: That's great. I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. > JonneeG: Yeah, His level 6 pwerspike is insane this sounds odd. it isn't really conversation. it's disjoined and awkward. Yes you can try to fill in the blanks, but there's several valid interperetations with the info given Now, I agree that putting the name of other people might be some privacy issues, but what if we were to use a pseudonym to cover that up. I know it might be radical, but what if you use champion names to continue the conversation. >1:00 ALL JonneeG (ziggs): Hello everyone. How are you all? > 1:05 (Blitzcrank): lets invade their Red > 1:10 JonneeG: Ok lets go! > 1:15 ALL (Akali): I'm doing great!, how about yourself? > 1:20 ALL JonneeG (ziggs): I'm doing pretty well myself. thanks for asking. > JonneeG: (Death at 1:40) > JonneeG: (Death at 8:35) > JonneeG: (Death at 9:10) > 9:30 (Warwick): You ok bro? > 9:50 JonneeG (ziggs): Yeah, His level 6 powerspike is insane Obviously this is shortened by a lot, there would usually be a lot more messages, and a lot more deaths in a real game. The breivity is meant to make the point clear. This should sound more like a conversation, and it should be easier to know who i''m talking with, and why I died (early invade, and 2 times to the laner's powerspike). It clarifies what was in all chat, when, why I responded in a disjointed manner. From this, I've never been punished for anything league related, but I've seen enough posts on the boards to get the basic understanding of it. Let me know your thoughts on the issue. It would be awesome to hear a Rioter's response to the idea of this. Edit: if people are able to get these logs I'm describing from support, why are they not included by default. It seems like it would save time for them
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