Honor level 0 IS literally psychological torture

If you have 0 honor, You are everyone's bitch quite literally. Anyone can say/do anything to you and you have to take it, you can never defend yourself or respond with the same aggression given to you, and if you do you are banned but he is not because he doesn't have 0 honor. I got banned once about 2 years ago for triggering the system with kys (full chat log was :"kys"- "jk, I love you"- and I received a 2 week ban )- have been 0 honor ever since because there's always 1 in those 50 games that you do bad and everyone reports you/flames you and you go on the defensive. Or you get trolled in game / griefed and you tell the person off but you get banned and he doesn't. so imagine someone who is addicted to this game, they have to literally go through the psychological torment of being harassed without being able to say anything. It is honestly extremely frustrating and literally is psychological abuse. Your options are to completely remove chat from the game, so ban yourself before you get banned or, quit the game. My friends keep begging me to play but I can't, I honestly can't deal with the fact that someone can tell me to go fuck my mother or kill my brother, but my report has 0 effect and I can't even defend myself. It's stupid. Now the counter argument is someone with 0 honor deserves to be psychologically tormented because they have done it to others. maybe, but if that's the case aren't we just encouraging toxic behavior? Not to mention there is no specific guideline that tells you what warrants a chat restriction, so you must live in fear of saying anything moderately offensive, Which is fine IF EVERYONE HAD TO FOLLOW THOSE SAME GUIDELINES- but they don't. Right now If i made a new account and copied the chat logs from the games I got banned on my 0 honor account I would receive no bans. Thereby indicating that it's not the action itself that gets you banned or chat restricted, but the status of your account. the 0 honor thing lasts way too long, and is literally a basis for psychological torment- I understand staying on your toes for you know 35- 50 games maybe, or you know a month or two... But It takes about a year to get out of honor level 0 and more than 500 games, especially if you don't play 17 times a day. So that means every time I would log onto league I have a legitimate fear of psychological abuse by the "non-toxic" community. I'm not saying it's impossible, just saying it's torment, torture and abuse. I can really imagine someone losing their sanity over this, this is the stuff school shootings are made of- no joke- you have a feeling of no power, whilst you are abused for extended periods of time. This literally constitutes a mental breakdown. I think someone could legitimately go insane if they are addicted to league they could potentially snap and this would have real world consequences. Maybe i'm overreacting, but I personally feel that league is too stressing on my psyche. Maybe it's because I have experience with being bullied and being powerless in a situation where you are mocked, harassed and abused. For me this feels the same, I am being bullied and anytime I try to stand up for myself I get banned and silenced akin to the bully physically hitting me when I try to verbally fight back. Like I said there are multiple solutions to this problem but I don't believe any of them are rational or even normal especially if you like league of legends and have invested money in it.- The options as I understand them are : make a new account, remove all/allied chat, or quit the game of league of legends. any other choice results in you being psychologically tormented without an outlet, so you must either take the abuse -and let it build up until you eventually snap and go back to 0 honor, unless you have patience of a saint. (Lord help me) The system is designed to crush your soul, I have no will to play this game. I'm not toxic but having been bullied I know the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them. Bullies are cowards and Riot this system is definitely encouraging bullying. Just permaban the 0 honor players, it's a less brutal process and less psychologically straining . I'm thanking god I'm not addicted to the game so i can quit whenever it gets too intense, not to mention if you started permanently banning people you would be forced to watch their games, pay more attention and take into consideration the feelings of the humans who are playing your game. A machine can't understand context, but a human can. Imagine being banned, but receiving a message saying "we understand that you had a bad game, the pyke launched you unto dragons pit and purposely griefed you, but you going afk and griefing the rest of your team was unacceptable, what did they do to deserve that?" "So we have given you a 1 week ban as well as given the pyke a 3 day ban for this issue- we hope you this will encourage you to be more tolerant of other situations like this and perhaps handle it in a better way- for example reporting him after the game. " I would totally understand and would be more likely to handle the situation in a better way knowing that the report system is fair and working and that people understand my feelings knowing I'm not just a number but I'm also a customer. I also don't believe in letting yourself be bullied, always stand up for yourself- in all the games where I got chat restricted I would be getting harassed by someone throughout the whole game, or I would be getting griefed and would tell them exactly what I thought. When I would respond in a verbally aggressive manner the abuse would stop, this is two humans arguing as opposed to one man brutally beating down another. So why would it make sense that only one person gets banned, that's like someone starting a fight with you and you getting thrown in jail because you were stronger and won the fight. That is not equality and it does not promote a non-toxic environment. It's an imbalance in power that protects the bullies and people who abuse the system. This my 2 cents, having really tried for the past year to avoid toxicity and bring my honor back from 0. Utilizing the /ignore all command as much as possible and trying to tolerate my mother being insulted in every way imaginable. I have to admit defeat, I honestly cannot handle the psychological strain I am too weak to play this game. I cannot relive my experience of being bullied through a video game after I worked so hard to escape that reality. I propose Riot should make a 10 commandments type of thing that completely lists all offenses one can make that would warrant a chat ban or otherwise. ( BE SPECIFIC) This way everyone is equal under the Riot law, and the report system won't feel so one sided as One can refer to the charter and make a ticket so that justice is served. This would remove some of the powerlessness one feels as a 0 honor plebeian. Also one last thing, tilting your opponents by saying stupid but not obscene things shouldn't warrant a ban, making your opponents lose concentration is a valid tactic called "mind games". it is used in official sports like basketball, football, hell even Boxing. SO i say if Muhammad Ali can do it, we should be able to do it too. TL;DR: I think the 0 honor system lasts too long, encourages bullying and forces people to go through unnecessary psychological strain/torment. Also think riot should make a 10 commandments type of thing that completely and specifically lists all offenses one can make that would warrant a chat ban or otherwise. Much love from the man who clearly can't control his blood-lust. ~IGanknubz
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