can someone explain what i did?

Game 1 In-Game IWishIWasPeople: like we have poke IWishIWasPeople: and idk wtf that was IWishIWasPeople: idk why ppl check tri IWishIWasPeople: it so bad IWishIWasPeople: lux IWishIWasPeople: you dont even IWishIWasPeople: know where to stand IWishIWasPeople: atstart of shit IWishIWasPeople: shh IWishIWasPeople: why IWishIWasPeople: can ppl go into my jg IWishIWasPeople: that shouldnt be happening IWishIWasPeople: with them having turet down already IWishIWasPeople: ohh IWishIWasPeople: why is there no wards IWishIWasPeople: oh wait IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: done... IWishIWasPeople: like we have no way to protect IWishIWasPeople: our own side of the map IWishIWasPeople: because IWishIWasPeople: ppl IWishIWasPeople: cant move IWishIWasPeople: from late IWishIWasPeople: but there laners IWishIWasPeople: get to free roam IWishIWasPeople: like IWishIWasPeople: DUMB IWishIWasPeople: LEAVE\ IWishIWasPeople: YOU IWishIWasPeople: YOUR LANE IWishIWasPeople: ROTATE FOR FREE KILLS IWishIWasPeople: FOllow IWishIWasPeople: we had him IWishIWasPeople: had you not been IWishIWasPeople: suck up mid IWishIWasPeople: doing nothing IWishIWasPeople: like IWishIWasPeople: i shouldnt IWishIWasPeople: be worry about my own jg IWishIWasPeople: if i am IWishIWasPeople: your not doing your job IWishIWasPeople: fuycking lose lane when we could kill ppl in my jg IWishIWasPeople: rotated IWishIWasPeople: and never lost a turret IWishIWasPeople: all you guys IWishIWasPeople: show it IWishIWasPeople: not silver IWishIWasPeople: playing with a silver IWishIWasPeople: friend IWishIWasPeople: your IWishIWasPeople: going get killed IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: your in there jg IWishIWasPeople: hc IWishIWasPeople: but not in ours IWishIWasPeople: where ppl giving us IWishIWasPeople: free kills IWishIWasPeople: being by themselfs... IWishIWasPeople: sitting way behind lines IWishIWasPeople: they shouldnt IWishIWasPeople: ya IWishIWasPeople: you can IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: because IWishIWasPeople: we dont understand IWishIWasPeople: again IWishIWasPeople: how to stay close IWishIWasPeople: i dont even care about win IWishIWasPeople: really dont IWishIWasPeople: get a turret IWishIWasPeople: omg IWishIWasPeople: let go into there jg IWishIWasPeople: now IWishIWasPeople: lol IWishIWasPeople: it super bronze IWishIWasPeople: T_T IWishIWasPeople: we shouldnt be out side of are turrets IWishIWasPeople: yet IWishIWasPeople: ppl are T_T IWishIWasPeople: so rotations IWishIWasPeople: can happen IWishIWasPeople: but we cant because downs IWishIWasPeople: cool IWishIWasPeople: we still lose IWishIWasPeople: do you know IWishIWasPeople: what my champ does? IWishIWasPeople: clearly not IWishIWasPeople: i didnt even get a leash IWishIWasPeople: lol IWishIWasPeople: your trash IWishIWasPeople: stfu IWishIWasPeople: your not doing anything IWishIWasPeople: but sniping kill IWishIWasPeople: lmao IWishIWasPeople: again IWishIWasPeople: ppl IWishIWasPeople: are dumb IWishIWasPeople: lol IWishIWasPeople: holy shit IWishIWasPeople: i ask for a ult IWishIWasPeople: for lux IWishIWasPeople: she cant even come my way IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: hit yes... schwash... IWishIWasPeople: this game over... IWishIWasPeople: if a jinx IWishIWasPeople: can push solo IWishIWasPeople: and i cant get any back up IWishIWasPeople: as she takes IWishIWasPeople: out a turret IWishIWasPeople: it over. IWishIWasPeople: go be more useful IWishIWasPeople: then i can be... IWishIWasPeople: due to how shit has been IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: you are blind IWishIWasPeople: it hurts my fucking soul IWishIWasPeople: your map awareness IWishIWasPeople: like dude IWishIWasPeople: someone could get 5 quads IWishIWasPeople: and you be like IWishIWasPeople: how that person IWishIWasPeople: get them kills ?!?!?!?!?!?! IWishIWasPeople: game been over IWishIWasPeople: but cant get ppl to quit IWishIWasPeople: ppl like kdas Post-Game IWishIWasPeople: schwash IWishIWasPeople: are you like IWishIWasPeople: unable IWishIWasPeople: to hit tab? IWishIWasPeople: and check waht going on? IWishIWasPeople: you ask how we lost lane IWishIWasPeople: they got invaded IWishIWasPeople: and lux IWishIWasPeople: set up in shit spot IWishIWasPeople: to not help IWishIWasPeople: ... IWishIWasPeople: and ahri didnt come IWishIWasPeople: jinx IWishIWasPeople: dude IWishIWasPeople: that ez wasnt the issue IWishIWasPeople: lux... IWishIWasPeople: for her IWishIWasPeople: to not have close to your damg.... IWishIWasPeople: is a issue IWishIWasPeople: me i was fuck from the start IWishIWasPeople: because i got no leash IWishIWasPeople: and i got no kills on my gank IWishIWasPeople: and i need kills to do anything IWishIWasPeople: dude IWishIWasPeople: If you IWishIWasPeople: arent looking around the map IWishIWasPeople: and are stuck on your champ IWishIWasPeople: i kept getting attack in my jg IWishIWasPeople: bot side IWishIWasPeople: because ppl dont rotate... IWishIWasPeople: Mid just stay in lane.... IWishIWasPeople: as fizz just walk around IWishIWasPeople: i got my red IWishIWasPeople: 1 time IWishIWasPeople: all game long now my only issue with this is they are trying to force me to say I understand what I did... when I don't 2-3 things in response to things said.... I'd gladly take my 10 game chat bs... but I don't see how it is possible to force me to say I Understand something and I ask for clarity. i've lost honor for about same level of stuff happening
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