Senna release-week is too chaotic and ruining (even more) the ranked solo queue experience

Ranked solo queue is absolute hell when a new champ is released, but with Senna it is really reached a new low. Here is a champion that can play pretty much any role except jungle yet she is suprisingly complicated and not successful in one of those roles (support mainly) without a highly skilled/experience summoner playing her. The result of this has been the following: someone hovers Senna, Senna gets banned by that persons team, the person that wanted to play Senna trolls, team has a horrible game experience and loses hard-fought LP. Someone plays Senna support, or maybe just Senna in general, they play badly, someone starts trolling, team has a horrible game experience and loses LP. Someone on the OPPOSING team has actually put an absurd amount of time into learning the new champ and stomps over their enemy, team has a horrible game expereince, loses hard fought LP. I dont see ANY advantages to having new champions playable in ranked for the first week. Can anyone give me a good argument for this? If the new champ is unplayable in ranked for the first week, we dont have trolls, people unable to play her, people abusing her, etc etc. All of that can stay in normal games where people generally dont try as hard and there is more silliness in general. For the first week, people can play her, but they cant abuse her, for good or bad, they can learn the champion, they get to enjoy playing the new champion. I play the game every day. I no-life it. I'm that guy. Since the night Senna came out, EVERY game, with no exaggeration, has been a DRAMA-FILLED shit show of people trolling in one way or another over the new champion. People should be more mature. But its the internet and a free to play game. Most of the time they can't be or theyre too young and they won't be. Thats why Riot needs to do something to keep their game high quality and guard against trolls. Now I KNOW this is not likely to happen because SO many people "ONLY PLAY RANKED" and if the champ is unplayable in ranked, LESS people will buy the champ, but for GODS SAKE RIOT do you have ANY decency to put more care into keeping your game balanced and the game experience enjoyable and high quality for your players than you care about making 5% LESS PROFIT for ONE LOUSY WEEK? Is that possible for this company that claims to be player focused yet has no handle on how toxic and trolling their community can be?
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