How much does it take for someone to get banned for INTing?

I just got demoted after a ranked game because my top laner got tilted at the 2 minute mark and just ran it down the entire game. He ended up with a score of 1/14/2 in a 20:46 game. Will he get in trouble for this? Or does the 1 kill and 2 assists reset the "INTing detector"? He stopped INTing towards the end of the game which leads me to believe he knows his limits to stop before getting punished. But the whole lobby saw it and I believe he got at least 5 reports that game. Edit: Since I've already had someone say "He was probably just having a bad game and couldn't do anything!" After dying many times top lane, he went to bot lane as a level 4 (while everyone else was around lvl 8 at this point), then ran into their bot lane 3 times in a row. Even the enemy was in /all chat saying "Wow I feel bad for you guys I hope this guy gets banned." This was CLEAR intentional feeding. He kept saying "who cares" and "lol blame the sona"
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