Ranked draggers(2)

For some reason I feel like its necessary to address this and I am sure this may be in other people's minds as well. basically I'll get to the point, in rank there are some people that are not really "good" but they do try. and that's the point of ranked right? to try to climb the high ladder in league and to find your spot at the top. but that's a group of people, there are some groups of people who just doesn't care about rank. I mean that's fine but 4 other people on your team cares as they are losing because you don't care about rank. there is always other game modes other than ranked and that is norms and ARAM, but if these are not fun then go play twisted tree line. just don't play in rank where you throw a game when your support takes the cannon with relic shield{{item:3302}} . and if you are gonna get mad and go afk or go to the jg or worse, intentionally feeding, dude your ruining the game not just for your support but your entire team who has to waste 45 min to deal with your drama and still get a defeat . the enemy team doesn't care, they go "hey! free lp why not?"( but some enemies may feel guilty and report). I am sure I am not the only one with this issue for I, being a silver myself has seen lots of drama that I lost lp over. sure some are on the enemy team and I can't say I am not grateful, but only if riot could do something to remove these people or at the least give back the lp that was lost. sure maybe silver games may not be important but we silvers and even irons are still players that wish to enjoy a game that all of our friends do so we can talk about it in school. I personally lost 2 ranks (high S2 to low S4) because in 16 or so of my games at least one person is either trying out a new champ they just bought, or their mom called them, or their internet went down, or some crazy thing happened that they went AFK. which is really annoying when you are trying to climb ranks (for fun or to show off) and there is a kid that is whining about how their jg never ganked when they are diving the enemy under the enemy's tower being 3 levels and 1 item behind. it would be nice that Riot could do something to at least make it up to the people that has to waste time and effort to deal with these kids. I mean I would love to play rank if not for the fact that every time I press the start button I pray that I don't get anyone with drama that's gonna waste my time and still drain my lp. I asked my higher ranked friends for a solution and most said just to suck it up and keep going. easy for them to say when they carry their games 20/0/0 and one cs per second and shrug off a defeat cuz they know they will get it back. but for people like me who play to kill time, its not fair because we are not good enough to carry the game, so to us its a HUGE waste of time. also finally I might as well bring this up. people with challenger potential may get dragged down because either in game or in placements there is someone feeding the enemy team on purpose because they got auto filled and no one on the team is wants to switch. so many people may quit or get lets say "infected" as they get salty in their own games and throws and ints, ruining the game for other people thus becoming a chain reaction. so in the end I wrote this "essay" to try to let Riot know that: challenger is important, as a goal, but lower ranked people matters too, after all league is a "team" game, if it goes from (5 vs 5) to (5 vs 4 plus inter). it ruins the whole "team" part. sure I have bad days that I go 0/12/12 but at least I try( see that 12 assist?). and that's the point of a game, to try your best, if you are not good, hey that's fine cuz none of us are, but you tried and that is what matters. Thank you for your time. P.S.: please excuse my grammar I am not the best at it
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