Unfair Perma ban

hello riot, i have been permanently banned on my account exposedtnt I have said some toxic things but my teammates were either negative, inting,trolling, or afking during a ranked games which is not fair and toxic to the point that it made me toxic that i had to say things back because its not fair losing insane amount elo over that which i have found not fair as people were inting, afking, flaming during my past 2 games and they don't get banned which will make anyone toxic you can even see in the reform card that i told them they were inting and afking and trolling to the point where I didn't even wanna play anymore no one wanted to surrender or even help to win. I've been toxic but I feel like I don't deserve this ban I'll change my way of character but I still believe this to be an unfair ban. I've Been playing this game for SIX years plus and I always have to deal with the same thing in ranked someone inting, afking, lastly the worst trolling and I don't mean any type of trolling but the type of trolling that makes everyone on your team int or tilt. I'm honestly tried of it I am not going to lie I have had called people trash and bad and maybe the B.... word but never anything too harsh or racist or homophobic slurs riot needs to fix this flaw in this game i am getting perma banned because a bunch of trolls think its funny when someone rages when you ruin their game experience these players must be stop they are creating this toxic community in league of legends and banning the wrong guys just for a laugh this perma ban was so unjustified it makes me sick that I have to live with this lose while others laugh and riot doesn't do anything about it i have been playing since season 3 and today I got perma banned because some trolls back to back games get to decide my fate and not riot just by hitting that behavior report when they know they ruined the game experience for me and for others alike by inting,afking,trolling but hey Im the one with the perma banned I can reform and change my ways of course but riot needs to see this as a problem because this is just ruining the game for everyone. My childhood memories are here and I just lost it and I can't have it back because trolls decide that{{champion:32}}
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