I am so sick of this Riot

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For a company who is all about posting the message of "Our players make the game, we build this together" and all this 10 years of thank you for helping us build this community on the surface. You don't seem to enforce or care about your own rules and guidelines AT ALL. You just throw it under an auto detection report system and never investigate the entire issue of the match. If you did you might have realized that my Bot and Mid lane were duo queue and actively working against trying to win the game. My patience was worn after a 6 game losing streak and being filled Jungle. But hey, it's fine, I'll play it out. Giving warning pings to my team that they are actively ignoring and blaming me for dying. And while I am receiving the same level of verbal abuse, I get suspended and they get off free because they have the three **Report Majority**. What happened to the tip I always read in the loading screens that says "**Competitive BSing is fine**" Why can't I call out complete idiots for trolling my games? Am I supposed to be having fun? Isn't that what a game is supposed to give me? Enjoyment? Not constant harassment that I have to argue back with these people to get anything accomplished. Despite all of this I mange to crawl my way to a victory by splitting and working against my OWN team who will not engage in any of the fights when I group. I am not upset about the chat restriction. I might as well never communicate at all if this is the response I am met with. I am upset that I get the restriction when they were equally to blame for the altercation and the fact that the 2nd game I was reported for was COMPLETELY Irrelevant and happened 4 games ago. I'll gladly serve 10 games of not talking and from hear on out will make no effort to do so until I see justice and improvement in your reporting system.
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