Daily remainder that we need to know who has deactivated their chat

Hey, So this new "disable ally chat" feature has been really well received, and while I won't use it myself, I'm glad people who need it have a more convenient way of disabling chat than just typing "/mute all" every game (especially when this function is bugged and will also mute signals). However, I personally find that communicating through chat with my teammates is often very useful, especially in ranked, and that my winrate would suffer if I suddenly lost it. So, when someone struggles in game, I try giving advice (not rude pseudo-advice like "just build better you idiot", more like "we need to group up and avoid walking in the jungle alone" - I'm in bronze, so that's not common knowledge). And, especially when jungling, I often like to let people know precisely when I'm going to gank so that they can better prepare and know to just play safe and be patient. Except that if someone has disabled their chat, I will just waste a lot of time typing in chat, and they will also miss out on information (since if I knew they disabled their chat I would try to find a way to communicate through signals). So I really need to know if someone plays without the chat, and I know a lot of people need it to. So... Anyway, I know Riot games doesn't care about the boards, but who knows, maybe if many people really want that feature they'll eventually notice. I added a poll because I was curious to see if some people disagreed, feel free to let me know what you think by taking it and by commenting below !
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