Unfair chat ban, Thoughts or anyway to help?

So i was playing Nubrac Teemo in BLIND PICK, i also was sort of role playing as teemo. All around trying to take a break from the ladder and have a fun time. The game went like this and apparently i got reported and now im banned because of this Game 1 Pre-Game pAgJay: supp pAgJay: nubrac teemo supp In-Game pAgJay: i am nuib rac teeemo suppiort pAgJay: the support who doesnt support botlane pAgJay: stop the shove friendo pAgJay: let him push pAgJay: cove is blown pAgJay: well that was a waste of time pAgJay: mb gnar pAgJay: im sorry pAgJay: but duty calls mid pAgJay: but teemo help pAgJay: YaY! pAgJay: Teemo0 Carry ! pAgJay: TEEMO COMING pAgJay: teemo doesnt trool pAgJay: teemo suprise pAgJay: heheheheeh pAgJay: sneaky pAgJay: teemo save the day! pAgJay: jhin angry with teemo? pAgJay: report teemo for what? pAgJay: i am not trolling pAgJay: teemo save the day again pAgJay: teemo to strong for mear hecarim pAgJay: teemo thinks you are a nerd pAgJay: teemo doesnt appreciate that pAgJay: TEENMI COMING" pAgJay: teemo to good pAgJay: hecarim its to not too pAgJay: its not teemo aswell good pAgJay: learn english pAgJay: nice try tho hec. pAgJay: teemo and kha zixs back at it again pAgJay: teemo see's that other yordle is upset. How come? pAgJay: Teemo kha zixs TAG TEAM pAgJay: teemo thinks hecarim is g0oing to get reported for toxicity pAgJay: is he toxic in team chat pyke? pAgJay: k ill actually report pAgJay: i wasnt going ti pAgJay: then you wont be bannmed hec pAgJay: but ima report pAgJay: so sad jhin ran out of ammo D: pAgJay: Yes? pAgJay: ok pAgJay: teemo ask's if you approve his supporting skills? pAgJay: indeed pAgJay: someone has culture pAgJay: GO KHA ZIUXS GO pAgJay: teemo can pAgJay: wha pAgJay: half hp pAgJay: teemo didnt camp. Temmo supported mid pAgJay: if it was, would teemo win? pAgJay: snipe pAgJay: teemo only see's profit pAgJay: supp for jg pAgJay: yes teemo does pAgJay: Eye if frist ius support item pAgJay: teemo outplay of the year pAgJay: 150 gold bonus for teemo pAgJay: ohhhh teemo see's that viegar is very tilted, but knows not why pAgJay: vuegar dont get so mad pAgJay: its just a game pAgJay: take a load off pAgJay: have fun :D pAgJay: good game Post-Game pAgJay: Viegar pAgJay: Dont get so angryu friend pAgJay: we are all here to have fun pAgJay: viegar pAgJay: lol pAgJay: well have a improved day pAgJay: bye all pAgJay: bye bye
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