Unfairly Banned

Hello, today I am here asking for an unban. First off I know I've been toxic in the past, as my first 2 week ban taught me a valuable lesson. I would also like to state that I was never given a chat restriction, just a straight up 2 week then a perma. I don't feel that what I did to get perma ban deserved a perma. From the first game, here are the chat logs. Game 1 truweaver: i fucked up my runes lmao truweaver: o well truweaver: i love kai sa truweaver: she has so many options truweaver: ye truweaver: for sure truweaver: i can try truweaver: quinn scares me truweaver: yall ever just live so you can flex on them dead %%%%%s truweaver: wait my red is gone truweaver: oh my fucking god truweaver: this is what i was afraid of truweaver: quinn is literally my worst nightmare truweaver: lmao truweaver: do u mind not counter jungling me thanks truweaver: ff15 truweaver: can we even survive until late game tho truweaver: im not ganking anywhere for a while truweaver: fuck dude truweaver: ive lost jungle truweaver: can we pls ff truweaver: i cant do shit truweaver: you cant play safe as jg truweaver: theres no late game for me truweaver: so good luck trying to 4v5 truweaver: WTF DUDE truweaver: EVERY TIME I GO INTO MY JUNGLE SHES THERE truweaver: woah no r word truweaver: my team wanted a tank and u banned ww truweaver: so truweaver: dont haven them truweaver: the infinite stun truweaver: can you report garen for negative attitude please\ truweaver: not my fault quinn is there every time i try to clear a camp truweaver: true truweaver: my team wouldnt supp me truweaver: push top truweaver: or somewhere truweaver: why tf would i go to baron when its already gone truweaver: report me for what Towards the end of this chat log it may seem I'm tilted or acting toxic but I was just making conversation. If you were to watch the gameplay along with the chat, it is only conversation and slight banter. Now the second game I trolled and told someone to kill themselves, as a joke. I even apologized but I still get banned for this. Game 2 truweaver: kys :) truweaver: i put smiley truweaver: u cant report truweaver: yes it does truweaver: you can say anything with a smiley face truweaver: can u guys not report me truweaver: i just got unbanned truweaver: please truweaver: im sorry for saying to kill yourself truweaver: it was a joke truweaver: :( truweaver: please dont truweaver: i spent 70 bucks on this account Please let me know your thoughts, I think I should be given another chance because I was never given a chat restricted warning, as were some other players.
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