got my friend permabannede - he blocked me on every media - did I do the right thing?

okayy so, i met one of my very good friends through league in 2017, we bonded during a game when we were both newbies and had been friends since. until today... I played a ranked game. I was playing ahri mid and he was playing master yi jungle. my ping was higher than usual, about 80 ms when i usually have 40 so it was harder for me to dodge zed's qs. so I got solo killed once. then i decided to forfeit cs and xp to help my botlane out getting them a double kill. I died again in lane because i got ganked, and both of these times my friend told me to stop inting. now he was complaining in chat too. whining because our support Braum accidentally took 2 kills. he would also constantly blame me in chat, saying we were losing because i decided to play with lags (even though it wasn't so laggy, it just affected my skillshots and the ability to dodge them...) and just generally making me not wanna play anymore. he was very negative the whole game, he is often like this when the game is not going his way. So after the game I decided to report him for Negative Attitude and Verbal abuse. That was yesterday. Today he was permanently suspended, just 5 days after returning to the account after a 2 week suspension. I did not get an instant feedback report so I know it was not my report that triggered the ban. he had 1 other game in his logs that he was banned for. he claims he was just telling his top laner to stop trolling and that the rest was jibberish but i dont know what he said because he refused to send me the full chat logs. my question is, Was i in the right here? I was very upset by what he said in game. he also insults me outside of game too, calling me things like overweight, e-girl trash, I get carried all the time and that's why my winrate is so good, and that no one would ever want to go out with me (even though i have a girlfriend myself...) anyway that is all besides the point. Should I have let him be and not reported him? I kind of ruined this friendship that lasted so long. if i had not reported him i think he wouldve gotten banned eventually anyway because of how toxic he is in his losing games..when he is winning he is nice but when losing he is just so toxic. I have seeked (suck? sook?) advice on reddit before for help with my awful mentality and mentioned my friend in this threads. almost everyone recommended that I delete him immediately. my other good friend also kept telling me to delete him. that he is a kid and he can't get out of silver with his mentality. i was already having some bad depression because of exams...but this just made it worse...can anyone at least reassure me that i did the right thing? cuz i really dont know what to think anymore
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