Permanently Banned For Defending Myself

I won't bother going into extreme detail but I've been playing league a long time. Seven years actually. I'm a toxic player sure, but chat restricts seemed doable. Mute button there for a reason. I was never racist, homophobic, and I never encouraged anyone to kill themselves. All I did was flame trolls when they flamed me. Because I have a backbone, I was banned. Years of my life and thousands of dollars later, I'm permanently banned. All because my support started stealing my farm after I made a bad play. All because I'm tired of letting people walk on me in chat. Riot, you're the one with the problem. You can't police your community correctly. My mid lane Yasuo spammed "kill yourself" at me for simply being trolled by another player. That Senna will keep playing. That Yasuo will keep playing. But me? Me and my seven years with you? All the good memories and close games. It's all gone because you just sit back and do nothing. You let a chat filter ban me for defending myself time and time again. I wonder if they'll be as loyal as I was? When will you have actual justice in your game? I would like to say so many angry things and demand that something be done. But none of you care. Just grinding for that next skin release, huh? In a way, this is sort of freeing. I can finally stop being addicted to this toxic cesspool and maybe do something with my life. With policies like this, your game isn't going to last another ten years. Happy Anniversary, League of Legends, and goodbye.
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