Are you helping Player Behavior?

All this punishment going around... don't ya'll need to hear about how someone turned that frown upside down once in a while? {{champion:99}} __"But all my light puns would've brightened your day!"__ Just last game I had an off-the-bat 3 kill Ashe from a muddled invade for the enemy. Rather than bemoan the misfortune, I poke the Ashe with pressuring banter ~ "Time to show off what a 1k advantage Ashe can do! Don't disappoint!" I continue the pokes until she responds with apparent confusion when I indirectly reference Ashe's husband. Despite my performance turning out to be the weakest on the team in lane phase, I'm being positive in chat with thanks and encouragement. Both JG and mid come to my aid, unlike most games where I'm more silent. Really, despite the muddled invade, everyone else does pretty good and turns things around. Was that just my teammates being cool, or did I help them be cool? This isn't an isolated incident, but I don't see this behavior much. Are you helping? *bonus edit* Lux might be positive, but... _burn_... {{champion:236}} {{champion:99}} "I'm sure your wife forgives you for getting her soul taken by a remorseless creature of darkness."
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