Why "mute first, report later" isn't actually a good response to player misbehavior.

Defending yourself is a basic human right. Even if the ToS states that any "negative" behavior means that automated bans and restrictions are final, it doesn't mean that it is right. I believe that there is a fundamental issue with Riot's stance on player behavior. In my honest opinion, players who talk back to a toxic individual in self defense should go unpunished. Its not hard to track who typed first. And in cases where it isn't possible for the automated system to track this, a manual review would be necessary. Punishments are too severe for Riot to refuse to go back on them. If you can't handle a large volume of requests then maybe this is the wrong industry for you? I've worked in support centers that have had enormous support volume and we handled most of it manually. I understand the need to have the banning feature be automated, but if a player takes the time to appeal it, it should be manually reviewed. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Honestly the support team seems to have very little say in anything at all. The blitzcrank bot answers most questions now a days without the team needing to do anything. So why not spend your free time answering tickets that matter? if your automated system is allowing premades to exploit it and get players unfairly punished, after they just spend that entire game bullying the player, maybe riot could be a little responsible and manually review the case, and punish the correct players? As of now the system is totally busted. It doesn't work right, and players are hardly punished correctly. Edit: Seems the vast majority of the comments to this post either missed the point entirely, or were just plain toxic in response. Funny that.
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