Sexist behavior

So, I'm getting extremely annoyed with this new "egirl" trend going around. It doesn't matter if i literally carry my team with mechanics, or map control, or even on occasion damange, or the fact that I have quite literally duoed maybe 1/50th of the games I've played, losers still say i'm an "egirl" becuase I play caster supports. I don't care that these people don't know I'm a girl in game, I do however care that this is somehow acceptable behavior. And I don't care if "Some girls get carried by playing janna, raka etc etc." I sure don't, and plenty of other females in my elo or higher don't. So, does Riot consider this to be toxic behavior? keep in mind if someone were to say "You're a support, you're a girl" i'd be like, "kay." because it is kind of true a large portion of femlaes play support. But, the term "egirl" is meant to suggest that I get carried by people better than me.

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