*Update* This account did have a previous suspension on it. Here is the IMGR link to that case. This doesnt seem like it would affect it being 3 years old and the type of suspension. I wont mince words, and I wont edit my content here. This is not ok. RIOT needs to start looking at the games they ban people for. The player in question was getting talked to by everyone on the team. He was not contributing and actually trolling us. Through the course of the game this was the only chat I did. Not really even that much given the nature of the game. Would I have accepted a communications ban? Probably, fine. A PermaBan on an account that has money dumped into it is not ok. I have NEVER been banned or even suspended before, for anything, ever. this is a 4 seasons old account with level 5 honor. Is the language tilting, yes. Is it up to the "summoners code" probably not, but a permaban is not the correct punishment and frankly is really disturbing that it came to this. There are no other games... It is only one. I can post a screenshot if I must. Game 1 In-Game sshakinbacon: lol sshakinbacon: fuck you ryze sshakinbacon: either go in and play or go afk sshakinbacon: youre fucking useless sshakinbacon: 0/3 vs 6/5 get rekt you fucking idiot sshakinbacon: you lost this game by being a fucking idiot sshakinbacon: keep losing and stay iron sshakinbacon: report our ryze for inting sshakinbacon: toxicity** sshakinbacon: this ryze has inted and not engaged on purpose and laughed so yes we will report him sshakinbacon: yup still nothing worth a damn from ryze sshakinbacon: rep the 0/4 ryze lol sshakinbacon: you arent sshakinbacon: we are pinging you to help and you run away sshakinbacon: thats not your best thats trolling sshakinbacon: and you laugh about it when we die and you leave sshakinbacon: thats trolling sshakinbacon: you wont help at all or do anything for the team sshakinbacon: lol 3v1? sure is sshakinbacon: i mean if you didnt win Post-Game sshakinbacon: 3v5 gg

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