Lack of a Report Option in Champ Select Makes It Easier For Role Hijackers/Toxics to Go Unpunished

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Recently, I qued up for a ranked flex and selected support as my role. When I got in champ select, I got my support role and the Top Laner asked me if he could Support. I said "Sorry I'm not a great top" as I'm a hardcore support main. Rather than dodge or play his secondary, he replied, "Ya sorry. I'm going bot anyway. :'D" and proceeded to ban the support I wanted to play (Pyke) and choose a support champion (Bard) (He didn't intend to go adc, as the adc was duo with him and chose Kaisa). I screenshotted what happened, and told him that either he dodge, or I'd submit a support ticket. He mocked, "ooooh noo a support ticket aaaaaah." I decided to dodge at the last second since he didn't, and I was sure the game would be pretty toxic. The Rioter who responded to my support ticket was very nice and told me how he also recently dodged because of teammates fighting over a role. I'm sure mostly all of us has experienced toxicity in champ select. The reason I'm telling this story again is because the Rioter suggested that I could provide feedback on boards as Rioters often read our feedback. In my opinion, the summoner's code should extend to champ select, but currently, there is no way to enforce the code in these situations apart from sending a support ticket. I don't think most players would take the time to do it, and it's kinda inconvenient. I could've just not dodged and reported at the end of game, but that would have likely cost me at least 15 minutes of time (more if the jerk or his duo decided to vote no just to be more toxic) and brought a toxic match not worth playing. The player who gets his role stolen or in situations where he/she experiences toxicity should not be the one who should face a time penalty and decline of lp (or automatic loss if in promos/series). I think the penalty should be put on the person who treats his teammates unfairly. Tl;dr: Role hijacking eliminates the purpose of choosing your role in que, and the lack of an efficient report option for this situation sends the message that jerks like him can just get away with it.
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