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From the start ,some people who are under 18 years old will be more likely shouting this topic down... , because they will not understand my point ... . And my point is as the esports have no players under 18 years old , and the competivity skill and brains tends to develop under 18 years... , i think it really makes sense that any competitive mode should be only 18+ years old acces guaranted. Is not because i want to harm kids life... , is because the competivity is not a good enviroment to raise kids , competivity on early ages makes kids to learn to flame and be bully back in electronic games, and this enviroment will never be stoped until this competivity isn't age restricted... You will ask me why 18 ... , while you are 18 , you understand much more what means to behave , how you should act like when comes to play video games, how tactical you could play ,and also you would understand , why this games is not about just spamming spells , and chasing people and do mistakes over mistakes , without thinking about your actions and gameplay issues. Of course this is a game which was created for kids ,so they should have acces to it ... , so i don't mind if any kind of mode is opened from normal draft pick ,blind pick ,any modes ,aram , tft is opened for them to play ,any mode except the competitive ranked system. My personal opinnion , without to offense anyone is that the competivity raise the toxicity ,and is better if the games age restrict the competivity , because then you tend to have much more control over gameplay quality ,and how good or bad are the new players into ranked... , those who become 18 years old will have some normal games experience , some knowdledge about every champion etc... . People will tell me that i am crazy for asking this ... ,but is a violence game , with much toxicity ,and kids shouldn't be exposed to such an enviroment , so it really makes sense to parental lock competivity modes for accounts who have them accounts sign up age under 18 ... I don't care if the future kids will lie , but i do care for moment about my own integrity as human , and those little monsters who will turn to be what i used to be when i was a child playing this game... , i am sure you no want toxicity into this game , so do what is right ,even if it will hurth some people . I can guarantee that being under 18 years old you are more imature .. , but some adults become imature due to competivity early age as they been kids playing or video games ,or being competitive among some other sports or any other activity , any guy who will be under 18 years will not understand a loss as something normal , and they will probably not even be raised to loss , because every parent raised his child to fight ,to be victorious in anything he do ... , no one encourage his kids that's normal to loss sometimes.
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